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Spotlight on England

From the bustling streets of London to the ancient & mysterious Stonehenge, enchanting England has a myriad of cultural & historical sites to explore.

Spotlight on England

Standing in the center of the bustling city of London, it’s not hard to imagine this amazing city being at the heart of an Empire spanning most of the world.

England, with its myriad of cultural and historical sites, from Stonehenge to Buckingham Palace, already has a lot to offer to any potential travellers, and on top of everything else, there’s the metropolis of London. 

Throw on a rain jacket, sort out your travel insurance for England, and come visit one of the original home nations of the United Kingdom.

Unsurprisingly, most travellers to England arrive in the south English city of London and never even make it out of this amazing place. You can spend several days just exploring London's history and heritage, visit Buckingham Palace, the Tower or take a walking tour through the city to explore its quirky architecture and many hidden nooks.

If historic sites aren't for you, can also:

  •  Explore London's range of museums with artwork from all periods of history: check out the National Gallery for classic masterpieces, or head to the world-famous Tate Modern to have a look at modern installations and hyper modern art, or
  • Do some shopping! London offers some of the best shopping in Europe, with haute-couture boutiques on the one end and the flea markets of Notting Hill on the other.

After a few days in the busy city of London, exploring the countryside can be a relaxing contrast. Once you leave this global capital behind, the pace of life slows down dramatically.

In the Southeast of London you’ll find many charming towns that show the quieter side of English life:

  • Oxford, famous for its university, is a great example of an English university town, and you’ll feel smarter just breathing the air here!
  • Canterbury is the seat of the Church of England and home to a myriad of religious sites,
  • Windsor is also worth a visit, if only to see Windsor castle and briefly pass by Eton College, one of England's top independent schools.

Heading towards the west along the southern coast, you find your way to what the English know as 'the West Country'. Home to many seaside towns, such as Bath and Bournemouth, this region is known for being a summer and holiday destination.

The Roman baths in Bath are world famous, and a great place to pamper yourself for a few days. The site of Stonehenge is also located here.

This quiet looking region also hosts one of the biggest alternative music festivals in England: Glastonbury Festival.

Usually taking place in the last week of June, Glastonbury festival attracts people from all over the world and tickets can be sold out as long as 9 months before the actual festival takes place.

North of London is where you’ll find various famous cities that should also form part of any travelling tour:

  • Liverpool, famous as the home of the Beatles and for its rich cultural heritage,
  • Cambridge, another great example of a British University town,
  • Chester, a charming medieval town that has integrated its old city wall into the modern town, and
  • Manchester, home to the world famous football club.


The north of England is home to many traditional and quaint towns that are a true pleasure to visit, such as York or Carlisle.

While you’re in the area, make sure to visit the Lake District National Park, which is not only the largest National Park in England but also considered to be one of the most beautiful.

If you’re going to go hiking in this area or anywhere for that matter, buy travel insurance for England.

English food tradition is intimately linked to its pub tradition, and no visit to England is complete without having visited at least one pub and enjoyed a traditional pub lunch or dinner.

Pies are popular on the menu, as well as roasts and fish and chips. However, England is also ranked 5th worldwide in terms of 1 and 2 star Michelin restaurants if the pub grub is not to your liking. There is also a wide range of very good ethnic cuisines available.

England is a safe place for travelling, the only real annoyance comes in the form of drunks. However, no matter where you travel, arrange travel insurance for England and go explore!

Getting around is also very easy - most cities have incredibly well developed public transport, and between cities you can simply jump on a train or take a bus.


For more information on England, visit the England Tourism Website.


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