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Great Australian Travel Survey

Results from 1192 respondents and interactive tool for the 2019 Great Australian Travel Survey
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Throughout 2019, The Great Australian Travel Survey was conducted, and received 1192 responses. The survey was designed to capture the behaviour of Aussies when travelling. Whether travel is as a tourist, to visit friends and family, for business or other reasons, the aim was to explore why, where, when and how we travel. The responses have provided some interesting insight about Aussie travellers and what's important or less important when we travel. 

All responses were garnered in 2019 prior to any media about COVID-19 or impact on travel plans. Being a planned annual survey, it will be interesting to see future responses and how they vary as travel changes domestically and internationally over coming years. 

Use our interactive survey results tool to explore the responses across 11 travel categories.

  1. Travel Frequency
  2. Last International Trip
  3. Health & Safety
  4. Destinations
  5. Travel Insurance
  6. Flights
  7. Luggage
  8. Activities
  9. Finance & Money
  10. Accommodation
  11. Cruising

You can use the options in the orange box at the top of the report to filter results by Sex, Relationship Status and Age Group. For example: you can find responses for Female, Single Traveller and aged 30-39 for each category. 

You can also look at each question in more detail by clicking on responses or clicking on the 'Filter' and 'Focus Mode' icons to the top right of each question.

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