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Canada's 23 Must Do's

We've compiled a list to help you get started on your Canada Bucket List

Canada's 23 Must Do's
Canadian Mounty

1. See one of the most stunning waterfalls in world

This is an experience that you’ll never forget. Niagara Falls is one of the most stunning waterfalls in the world. It is located on the Canadian side between Table Rock and Goat Island. The height of Niagara Falls is 173 feet ad a width of 2,600 feet.

2. The past is in the present in the historic national park

Banff National Park is the oldest National Park in Canada and it was established in 1885. It is located on the Rocky Mountains. There are many things to see in the National Park, the beauty of nature and the beauty of the water. You will have an amazing experience as you are seeing the historic sites of Canada.

3. Find inner peace when you find yourself in this garden

Butchart Gardens is a beautiful and peaceful place to be. It has amazing floral display gardens. It is located near Victoria on Vancouver Island. The best time to go see this stunning garden is between July and August. There are 5 gardens within the Butchart Garden these include: Sunken, Japanese, Rose, Italian and Mediterranean.

4. See one of the tallest buildings at 1,136 feet

CN Tower has one of the best views of Toronto. It is the place to be, you will see a panoramic view of like you’ve never seen before. The elevation is 1,136 feet and there is the Horizons Restaurant on the Lookout Level. There is also see-through flooring so you can see the city at your feet.

5. Find mysterious things from the past in this museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the larges museums in Canada, it has 5 floors of galleries and exhibitions. There are many interesting artefacts in this museum these include dinosaurs, mysterious mummies and jaw dropping gems.

6. Feel like a local & find the things you need

This market has been in the heart of Toronto since 1803, it is a place to meet the locals and a place for families to connect and indulge in the local’s delicious foods. There are 3 main buildings that the market is made up of the North, The South and St. Lawrence hall. There is a diverse collection of vegetables, fruit, fish, grains, meat, dairy products, baked good and even non food items.

7. Get the adrenaline going on a snow mobile

Fernie – British Columbia is a skier's dream since the 1940’s because of its beauty and now it has also become a popular destination for snowmobilers. Explore and admire the beauty of Fernie – British Columbia as it has colourful history and it has been a scenic route for explorers.

8. See the natural light phenomenon at night

Some of the best places to see the Northern Lights are in British Columbia, Yukon, Northern Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Northwest territories and Nova Scotia. There is a Canadian Geographic map that shows the best places to go see the stunning and most breath-taking colours of the Northern Lights. 

9. Have fun with the dogs doing their thing

Dog sledding is one of the best ways to experience life in a different perspective. You see it in a way that you’ve never seen before. It will be one of the best experiences spending time outside in the snow. The dogs are loved and cared for everyday and they’re trained to whisk you through the snowy trails.

10. Jump into an action packed wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is a theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario. This theme park wonderland has amazing, strong, scary and exciting rides that will make you have more thrill and add excitement to your life.

11. Get your local on with some Canadian fries

One of Canada’s most recognised dish is Poutine. In several small towns in Quebec, Canada claim to have invented this dish. This dish uses a peppery meat-based gravy and “squeaky” curds on fries. You can get this almost anywhere including McDonalds.

12. Sip on the locals most loved cocktail

One of Canada’s most loved cocktails is Caesar. Caesar was created and mainly consumed in Canada. The cocktail Caesar contains vodka, a Caesar mix, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce served on ice with a salt-rimmed glass, normally garnished with a stalk of celery and a wedge of line. Just be mindful that there is a general exclusion in your travel policy for alcohol.

13. Get up close & personal to a polar bear

Get up close and personal with the Polar Bears on a tour. This is an amazing experience because you get to see them in their natural habitat.  On this safari you won’t only be able to get up close and personal with Polar Bears but also foxes, snowy owls, reindeer and other amazing wildlife.

14. You’ll never canoe again like you will in Canada

This is a must do activity during your stay in Canada. You would be able to see and explore the countries more stunning lakes and rivers. Some of these best canoeing places are the elegant Nahanni River, The Thelon River of the remote, The Classic Mackenzie River, The Churchill River, The Bloodvein River and many more.

15. Have the thrill of your life & jump from 200 feet

Bungee jumping will bring so much excitement and thrill into your life. Although it may sound scary, once you’ve finished, the thrill will have just begun. The Great Canadian Bungee boasts the highest bungee jump in the whole of Canada. It stands at 200 feet tall.

16. Sunbake, swim, dance & party Toronto style

The Cabana Pool Bar is in Toronto, Canada. It combines a party atmosphere and swimming. It accommodates up to 2,500 for sun-worshippers and 850 for seating. It is cheap and adorable. Ages are 19+ and the dress code is stylish.

17. Dance & party in da club

Rebel is a nightclub which is aiming to set the new industry for nightlife and entertainment in Toronto, Canada. It is the biggest venue for a nightclub, it merges 45,00 square feet of design and surprises along with a powerful sound, it also has a 65-foot stage.  Ages are 19+ and the dress code is stylish.

18. Experience the largest festival in the country

Osheaga is one of the largest festivals in the country. It is a multi-day indie festival that takes place on six different stages. There are many outdoor stages. It is a huge celebration that is dedicated to music and visual arts. Some of the international artists that play at this festival are Coldplay, The Killers, Iggy & The Stooges, Sonic Youth, The Rots, Eminem and many more.

Canadian Hockey Goal Keeper

19. The most magnificent and diverse festival

The Ex is a festival, it is the Canadian National Exhibition which is 18 days long. It shows the magnificent exhibition promoting technology, agriculture and the diversity of Canada. It’s a family festival but it’ll be a great experience to enjoy with your friends. The festival takes place at Lake Ontario every year and it finishes on the Labour Day.

20. Walk into a forest that feels like a fairy tale

The Enchanted Forest feels like a fairy tale land. The reason being is that it has 350 fairy folk that are beautifully hidden amongst 800-year-old cedar trees. In the 1950’s a husband purchased a forest for his wife to serve as a home for her and her artistry, she hand-sculpted cement figures from nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

21. Push your face up against the glass at the ice hockey

Canada is known for their hockey; it is their national sport. There are many teams within the sport and also competitive fans. You can find a game to watch throughout the country, like Esplanade Park holding 18,819 in Quebec City or Bell Centre holding 21,273 fans in Montreal.

22. Discover the thrill of skiing or snowboarding

There are many places to go skiing and snowboarding in Canada but here are some of the best places to go skiing and the best resorts to stay at. Red Mountain resort is as local as it gets, it is situated just over the US border in south-eastern British Columbia and Panorama Mountain resort is one of the best places to go if you’re looking for a challenge. It is about a two-hour drive from Banff.

23. Take advantage of nearby destinations like NY or LA

When you’re living in that part of the world, take advantage of your geographic location and visit the coolest places in nearby countries. You could go to Las Vegas for a weekend or you could even go to New York for a week. You can organise some travel before you leave home and while you’re in Canada. Also, you could go and visit friends of family in their home towns and then you would truly feel like a local.


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