Senior A - Z of Travel Insurance

We at Fast Cover believe that you are never too old to travel! Here is the A - Z of travel insurance, for all your must knows before and after purchasing a policy.

Senior A - Z of Travel Insurance

A – Z Guide to Travel Insurance for Seniors

While booking a holiday to see the family or a cruise to the Pacific Islands is super fun, buying travel insurance may not be, especially if you’re not experienced at it. It doesn’t have to be too hard – we promise! We’re always keen to make things easier for you so that you can get on with the more fun parts of travelling.

So, here’s our A to Z Guide to taking out travel insurance, specifically written to help our senior travellers.



Age-related limits – Cover for some activities and policy types are restricted by age, such as snow sports, adventurous activities and already overseas which are only available to travellers 74 years of age or under and Frequent Traveller Saver policies which are only available to travellers 64 years of age or less.


There is a standard excess of $200 for all policies for all ages, but for travellers aged 80 - 89, you can choose to reduce your excess from $200 to $100 or $0 by paying the additional premium so long as it is not related to an injury or sickness. Please be aware however that if you are aged 80 and over, there is a $2000 medical excess, which you cannot reduce. 

If you are aged 80 and over, you are unable to extend your policy while travelling. 


Benefits – What you would be covered for and how much you would be able to claim. The level of the benefit depends on the type of policy that you have chosen. 

Birthday – How much you pay for your travel insurance is calculated on the day you buy, not the day you depart. So, buying travel insurance before your next birthday may mean that you pay a lower premium.



Cruise cover – If you take out a cruise travel insurance policy, you’ll be covered whether you’re travelling on land or on the ship. 

Cooling off – When you buy your policy, you have a period of 14 days to determine if the policy is right for you. If you change your mind, you can contact us to cancel your policy and get a full refund within the 14 days, unless your policy has started, or you have exercised any rights under your policy, including making a claim.



Domestic cruise – You may not be able to use your Medicare card even if you’re only taking a cruise in Australian waters. Taking out a domestic cruise travel insurance policy can cover you for unexpected medical emergencies that may occur on board.



Emergency Assistance – When you buy a policy with Fast Cover, you get access to our 24/7 Overseas Emergency Assistance team which you can contact if you find yourself in an emergency. 

Emergency Evacuation - If you are injured in a remote location, or if the emergency assistance team deem it necessary, they will organise for you to be evacuated (including being air-lifted) to another location or repatriated back to Australia

Excess – For travellers up to the age of 89, there is a standard $200 excess for claims, with the option to reduce the excess to $100 or $0 for an additional premium. For travellers aged 80 and over there is also a $2000 medical excess for any medical claims you make and there is no option to reduce this.


Fit to travel – It’s a good idea to see your doctor before you leave for your trip to check if you are fit to travel. 

Friends – Travelling with a friend? Buy a DUO policy and save or refer a friend and get cash back with our Friend Referral Program!



General Exclusions – These are specific conditions, circumstances or situations which are listed in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which are not covered under any of the benefits of your travel insurance policy. This means that you may not be able to make a claim in these conditions, circumstances or situations. 

Grandchildren – If you are travelling with your grandchildren (who are aged 20 and younger and not in full time employment) they can be covered for free under a Single or Family policy.



Hire or rental car vehicle excess – If you are renting a car and you would like the excess on your rental car insurance covered then you can add on Rental Vehicle Excess insurance to your policy for an additional premium which may be a cheaper option than purchasing rental vehicle excess insurance from your rental car company. 



Injury – If you have an accident and injure yourself before you leave for your trip and have to cancel your holiday, you may be able to claim for the payments that you have already made.



Jetlag – Don’t let jetlag ruin your trip. Making the necessary preparations to combat jetlag can make the experience of travelling much more enjoyable. It’s a good idea to shift your sleep and meals so you eat and rest at the time of your destination. If you can, get some sleep on the plane.



Keep healthy – Making sure you keep yourself healthy on your trip by eating well and keeping up your regular exercise. 

Known event – An event that has already happened or is predicted to happen, like a natural disaster or airline strike, may affect your travel and the cover on your policy.



Lost luggage – If you lose your luggage you may have provision to claim for the replacement of your items. Make sure you keep all documentation related to the event, so that you can submit your claim for assessment.



Medical expenses – Your travel insurance policy can cover you for unexpected medical expenses you incur whilst on your overseas trip. Check the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to see if your pre-existing medical condition is covered under your travel insurance policy.



Natural disaster – If you are travelling and you are unexpectedly affected by a natural disaster, including earthquake, fire, flood, cyclone or volcanic eruption, there may be provision to claim for disruptions on your trip.



Overseas emergency medical and hospital expenses and assistance – You can be covered for unexpected medical costs that you incur while overseas and also for repatriation back to Australia if the emergency assistance team deem it necessary.



Pre-existing medical and dental conditions – If you have any pre-existing medical or dental conditions that you are aware of at the time that you buy your travel insurance policy, you should check the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to see if it is covered under our policies. There is no cover for any that are not listed.



Questions – You can find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Fast Cover’s travel insurance on our FAQs page or you can always call or email us. 

Quote – Get your seniors travel insurance quote now. 



Rescheduled or cancelled travel – If you are unable to travel or need to reschedule your travel for reasons which are covered under your policy, you would have provision to claim for bookings and payments which are non-refundable, made in advance and cannot be recovered in any other way. This can include your travel arrangements, including flights, accommodation, tours or cruises.



Special events – If your travel is delayed and you aren’t able to get to your special event on time, you may be able to claim for the cost to arrange alternative transport to get you there on time. 

Sound and natural teeth – If you suffer pain to your sound and natural teeth, you may be able to claim for the dental expenses. Sorry no dentures covered while in use!



Travel documents – We can cover the cost of reissuing or replacing your travel documents, credit cards or traveller’s cheque if they are stolen during your journey. Make sure you make a police report for the stolen items as soon as practicable, but preferably within 24 hours. 

Travelling companion – If your travelling companion, including your partner, friend or family member can’t travel due to an unexpected illness, you can submit a claim for the cancellation costs if you don’t want to travel without them.



Unlimited medical cover – The medical costs for unexpected and unforeseen medical emergencies which occur on your overseas trip are unlimited. 

Unsupervised – You may not be able to claim for lost or stolen items which you have left unsupervised. This includes you leaving your belongings on a train, or when you leave your belongings at a distance where you are not reasonably able to prevent them from being taken or stolen.



Vaccinations – vaccinations are a vital part of your pre-trip planning process. You will need to see your doctor to see which vaccinations are needed for your upcoming trip destinations.



Waiting Period – There is no waiting period if your policy includes cancellation, once you buy your policy your cancellation cover starts immediately.



X factor – Fast Cover Travel Insurance, of course! Fast Cover Travel Insurance have won many awards for their Comprehensive Travel Insurance. Fast Cover gives 10% discounts for senior travellers who have a senior card. Give our friendly staff a call on 1300 409 322, tell us you have a seniors card and we’ll give you your discounted seniors travel insurance quote!



Your claim – it’s easy to make a claim – simply make an online claim; call our Claims team on 1300 409 322 (choose option 2) or send them an email on Be sure to have all of your supporting documents for any claim that you make.



Zero excess – If you are aged 89 or younger, you can choose to reduce your excess from $200 to $100 or $0 by paying the additional premium as long as it is not related to an injury or sickness. If you are aged 80 and over, there is a $2000 medical excess, which you cannot reduce. 

Are you travelling in 12 months time? Buying travel insurance can save you from the costs of potential unforeseen events that might pop in between now and your departure date.

As always, wishing you a happy and safe holiday!


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