Top 10 playing it safe (like a champ) travel advice

Not sure what to do when travelling? We’ve got the top 10 anti-travel advice for you to make sure your trip is flawless.

Top 10 playing it safe (like a champ) travel advice

I’m sure you’ve seen hundreds of lists compiled floating ‘round the net. 101 ways to save money. 50 of the most popular [insert generic term]. Here at Fast Cover we try not to take ourselves too seriously and this is why we have compiled a list of tongue in cheek travel advice. Have a laugh with us! Please note we don’t cover examples listed below and this is meant to be fun. Always refer to the PDS* for our terms and conditions of what is and isn’t covered.

Top 10 playing it safe (like a champ) travel advice

  1. Don't listen to your mum. Ignore that inner voice that says skating down a wonky ramp is a bad idea. And you might as well walk down a dark alley whilst not listening to your gut- who needs it anyway. 
  2. Overestimate your capacity to carry lots of money and flashy items without getting robbed. Gucci, anyone?**
  3. Remind yourself, money grows on trees. Why not buy another gadget or trinket?
  4. Show how clever you are by attempting to speak another language you don't know. 
  5. Be a tough guy and say no to tipping.
  6. Touch everything in museums and galleries.
  7. Just don't leave the hotel - who needs more than Netflix and room service? Another glass of wine? No problem!
  8. Don't bother getting vaccinations before you leave. You won't need it.
  9. Be suspicious of everyone when you travel - they are all out to get you anyway. 
  10. And don't bother with travel insurance; overseas medical bills are not THAT bad. You've got a spare $500, 000 lying around to pay the hospital bills and medivac to Australia, right? 


  1. Do listen to your mum. She was there for your first fall and will be there when you get back from your trip.
  2. Don't carry lots of jewellery and flashy brands. You could be a magnet for thieves. If Kim Kardashian isn't safe, you probably aren't either. 
  3. Money does not grow on trees. Warren Buffet you are not - know your financial limitations and you will be on your next holiday sooner rather than later. 
  4. Brush up on some basic words for the country you will be visiting if it is non-English speaking. 'Hello', 'where is the bathroom' and 'do you take credit cards' can go a long way.
  5. Be nice - tip the waiter if you can, especially when it is customary in that country
  6. If the sign says don't touch, then don't touch Some countries have strict laws around public and private property
  7. Get out and see things! staying in a nice hotel or resort is great but travel is a feast for the eyes
  8. See your doctor and always get the appropriate vaccinations BEFORE you depart for your trip
  9. Not everyone is out to get you - smile and trust people
  10. Take out travel insurance! Save yourself thousands in possible medical costs



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