Top 16 Travel Essentials To Pack in Your Carry-on

Fast Cover offers the top 16 travel essentials to pack in your carry-on for your upcoming holiday.

Top 16 Travel Essentials To Pack in Your Carry-on

Mastering the art of carry-on luggage is no easy feat. Knowing what to put in your carry-on will eliminate the last minute stress and making sure you’ll have what you need for most eventualities.

1. Travel pillow

No trip is complete without a travel pillow, especially if you have a long flight in economy. Even if you are in business class having a travel pillow can potentially elevate jet lag by having better sleep.

Travel pillow: Samsonite Memory Foam Pillow

2. Note book

A note book and pen can be very useful to make notes if you love to write stories about your travels. The time you spend on a plane or in airport waiting lounges present an opportune time to write if you’re a wannabe travel blogger or just love sharing a tale or two on social media.

Travel notebook: kikki.k PVC Travel Journal  

3. Pen

A pen will come in very handy when you have to fill out your immigration arrival card. Also when you take on the sudoku in the back of the inflight magazine.

Last minute pen: WHSmith

4. Eye mask

A good eye mask is a life saver! Purchasing a silk eye mask could be the difference between 8 hours and 2 hours of sleep. Invest in a good one and you will not regret it!

Eye mask: Manta Sleep Mask

5. Leg compressors or travel socks

Purchasing compression socks can alleviate leg cramps and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), and may be able to reduce muscle pain from prolonged sitting. Always check with your doctor for more information.

Compression pants: 2XU Compression tights

6. Ear plugs

This almost archaic method of cancelling noise is worth the $9 you will pay to have a good night sleep without audio interruption. These babies can be purchased anywhere and are easy to pop in your bag.

Earplugs: Ear job Alpine Flyfit earplugs

7. In-flight entertainment

iPad, Kindle, novel, colouring books, gaming consoles etc.

All these things can make flying more enjoyable and help pass the time. Invest or pack some of these and make time fly. This is especially important if you have kids, pack their favourite things to entertain them and give yourself the best chance of a “I’m bored” free flight.   

Colouring book: Big W; Secret Japan: Colouring for mindfulness

8. Portable charger

This is a given if you are travelling with a digital device (mobile phone, laptop, game or some other digital device). Most likely you will need a portable charger as batteries can go flat very easily especially when constantly in use on a long haul flight.

Portable charger: JB HiFi; CYGNETT ChargeUp Pro 20000mAh

9. Adaptor

For the times you need to charge your phone in an airport or bus station, but the port doesn’t fit, an international adaptor will be your life saver.  

International Adaptor: Jackson International Travel Adaptor with USB-A and USB-C for Europe, Bali, USA, Japan and more

10. Disinfectant wipes and or baby wipes

Anyone that has children will know, disinfectant wipes are the brevity of life when travelling. From the humble coffee spill to the impromptu backside spill.

Surface disinfectant: Dettol Biodegradable 90 Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes Lemon

11. Toiletries

A bag or two of good toiletries will go a long way. Toothbrush, comb, deodorant, face wash, cotton buds, shaving cream and shavers, and feminine hygiene go a long way when you just want to freshen up on a long flight or you have a few stop overs before your destination.

Toothpaste: COLGATE Travel Essentials Pack 1 Kit

12. Travel wallet

Everyone needs somewhere to store their money. A travel wallet that is a little bigger than your standard passport wallet can fit your credit cards, passports, boarding passes, some cash and perhaps even a pen that can come in very handy.

Travel wallet: All in One Travel Wallet

13. Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones have become the holy grail of headphones, especially when travelling abroad. Avoiding the sounds of a crying baby, to drowning out the noise of your fellow passenger snoring, noise cancelling earphones are a great travel companion.

Noise Cancelling Headphones: Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Over-Ear Headphones


Honorable mentions

Not everything can make this list of what you should take with you in your carry-on... but we do have some things that may be worth adding:


14. Snacks and nibbles

Airplane food can leave a lot to be desired. Packing a few snacks like a cup of instant noodles or soup, lollies, chips, chocolates or dietary requirement snacks can be a good idea. Whatever tickles your taste buds is a good idea to pack in your carry-on for a long-haul flight – or even a short domestic one!  

15. Change of clothes

The saying goes that mum always said to pack a clean pair of underwear in case something happens! Well the same thing can be said for travelling! In the event that your luggage is delayed and you only have your carry-on bag for a day or two, pack a spare change of clothes like a fresh pair of underwear and track pants and top.

16. Keys

It is a good idea to keep your car and home keys in the cabin with you just in case your luggage is delayed. The inconvenience of not being able to get back into your home on your return is something that can be avoided with this simple tip.


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