Travel Insurance if your trip is cut short

Is your trip cut short due to something unexpected? Having Trip Resumption Expenses covered in your travel insurance policy can save you thousands!

Travel Insurance if your trip is cut short

No one plans for disaster to strike on their holiday – in fact, people wish for the opposite. We book holidays to escape the mayhem of life and seek refuge in foreign lands where we can relax.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for all travellers as tragedy can strike at any time. If you need to leave your trip due to a family emergency but know you will be returning back on your trip you can purchase a policy that covers the out of pocket costs of returning home.

Trip resumption expenses is a benefit in the Comprehensive, Standard, Frequent Travellers Saver and Snow Sports policies. This means that if your trip is disrupted through no fault of your own and due to an unexpected event.* You may have the provision to claim for the out of pocket cost due to you coming back earlier.

What is considered claimable for my trip being cut short?

There are many reasons people may need to cancel their trip. You as a traveller can get cover if your close relative dies unexpectedly or is hospitalised following a serious injury or sickness – not due to a pre-existing medical condition – and there is more than 14 days left on your travel insurance policy. You need to be resuming your trip within 6 months of your return to Australia.

Does my close relative need to be in Australia or be Australian?

They do not need to be an Australian resident or permanent citizen but they do need to be in Australia or New Zealand when the sickness or medical condition occurs. Your relative needs to be hospitalised in either Australia or New Zealand or has to have died in Australia or New Zealand after you have purchased the policy because of a pre-existing medical condition. You must not have been aware of them potentially falling ill, dying or being put in a hospital. The maximum amount that we will pay is $1, 500. 

Does this apply if I shorten my trip because I just want to come home earlier and go back again at a later date?

No, your trip needs to be disrupted due to a medical reason. We do not cover ‘Loss of Enjoyment’ or ‘Change of Mind’. You do need to make sure that you are fully aware of what may occur on your trip and to give yourself reasonable time and care to avoid issues.

Can I use this if my cousin’s friend’s boyfriend or someone else not directly related to me is affected and I know them?

No, it does need to be a close relative of the policy holder. In the context of travel insurance a ‘close relative’ is any of the following who is under 85 years of age and who is resident in Australia or New Zealand: you or your travelling companion’s spouse, de facto partner, parent, parent-in-law, daughter, son, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, grandchild, grandparent, step-parent, step-son, step-daughter, fiancé or fiancée, or guardian.

What am I not covered for Trip Resumption expenses?

  • You are not covered for more than one plane trip to reach home or an added part to your itinerary.
  • You will not be able to claim if you were aware of the likelihood of your the close relative being hospitalised or passing away at the time you bought your policy.
  • For more than the amount specified under the Trip Resumption benefit.

Is there an excess if I claim for this benefit?

Yes, there is. If you have an excess on your policy then the excess would apply if you are claiming for Trip Resumption Expenses.

What if I have a DUO policy and one of us need to go back home but the other traveller is still travelling?

If you are travelling with a companion and they need to return home due to a family medical emergency and you wish to stay on that does not void the policy. When your travel companion puts in the claim your policy is still valid. Contact our Customer Service team for more information if you are ever unsure.

 *Exclusions, limits and sub-limits may apply. See our PDS for details.


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