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Best-Value Places to Go in 2014: Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet gave its pick of some of the best value places to travel in 2014.

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Lonely Planet gave its pick of some of the best value places to travel in 2014:

Greece: The sea is still blue, the beaches still white, the ancient history still stunning. After years of economic hardship, however, the prices are lower.

Italy's 'Heel': Not only is accommodation cheaper in the remoter southern part of the country, but the simple, tasty food, cucina povera (poor people's food) is affordable, too. The beaches are great, the scenery beautiful, and the pace laid-back year-round.

Nicaragua: It is still possible to get by on US$20 a day in this Central American paradise. Float down the Rio San Juan, marvel at the Volcan Concepcion, and soak up some of the best diving and beach towns in the Caribbean.

Other Lonely Planet suggestions were "puzzlingly underrated" Bulgaria with its Rila monastery and Black Sea riviera; Albufeira in Portgual, surveyed by the British Post Office as the cheapest summer family holiday spot in Europe; and the many backpacker resorts in Fiji.

It might not be super-cheap, but it is worth taking inexpensive flights along Ethiopia's Historic Route to see the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the Blue Nile Falls, and the Lake Tana monasteries.

Not far from pricey Goa, Karnataka in India has beaches, inland temples and ruins which are mostly free, as well as cheap accommodation.

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