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Experience the 'real' Africa in Botswana

Hunters-turned-conservationists have turned Botswana into a popular tourist destination.

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Botswana was once a country in the depths of poverty, but thanks to some clever thinking by a group of hunters-turned-conservationists it is now a popular tourist destination and the money is flowing at last.

Botswana has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife, with hippos, monkeys and elephants among the familiar sights seen when touring the country. With the help of a meticulous tour guide, you can find yourself sneaking up behind a zebra, giraffe or even a pride of lions.

For Luxury Travel magazine's Matt Doran, his six-star experience of Botswana is an experience he will never forget, much in part to his guide Ice.

Ice was seven years old when his father bestowed on him his knowledge of hunting and Ice learnt well, really well. Within five minutes in his open-air 4WD, he has shown his guests three lions, a zebra, a giraffe and a warthog.

When Ice was 15-years-old, he and some friends had been playing by a waterhole when he was charged by a hippo. Rather than panic, he shot the huge animal and then ate it. His presence with these incredible animals is paramount in feeling safe.

With Ice's help Doran was given the gift of the "real" Africa. He was taught how to love the land and trees and respect the animals.

From the fantastic tour guides to the incredible accommodations and food, Botswana is a must-visit destination, unlike any other experience you've had.

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