I’m getting cold – get me out of here!

I’m getting cold – get me out of here!

Extend your summer in these fantastically warm locations around the world.

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Well, the cooler weather is here, and while you’re getting the doonas and slippers out in readiness for the winter season ahead, spare a thought for the people in the Northern Hemisphere who are putting away their winter season accessories and getting ready for SUMMER!

If you’re keen on extending your summer, get your travel insurance in order - there’s a world of locations where the warm winter woollies are definitely not welcome!

Pacific Islands

If you’re looking for somewhere close to home, then look no further than the popular Pacific Islands where the tropical climate means that it’s pretty much warm all year round.

The Pacific Islands are traditionally grouped into 3 areas: Melanesia (Black Islands) including New GuineaNew CaledoniaVanuatuFiji and the Solomon Islands; Micronesia (Small Islands) including GuamPalau and Nauru; and Polynesia (Many Islands) including New ZealandSamoan IslandsTonga and the Cook IslandsTokelau and Tahiti

Bora Bora Tahiti

With so many islands to choose from, there's bound to be one or two or more that will appeal to families, couples and solo travellers.

The Pacific Islands are actually the most popular cruise destinations for Australians - 40% of the cruise market went there in 2013 to be exact!

And this is due to their proximity, are relatively inexpensive, almost everyone speaks English, and you get to experience a totally different culture. So it just makes it easier for all travellers, especially families.



If you're looking for somewhere further from home, then head to Europe.

In winter, it's lovely and romantic in that cosy thick coat and warm boots kind of way, but we’re for the sunshine and t-shirts, so joining in with their summer is the way to go.

So many places to travel in Italy, where to go?

How about Lake Como, Europe’s deepest lake - charming villas oozing old world charm, cypress groves, geraniums, bougainvillea, rhododendrons and rose filled gardens overlooking the lake with an Alpine vista.

In the middle is Bellagio, known as the prettiest town in Europe, Como is Europe’s most important producer of silk, there are cathedrals, cafes, 12th century walls and of course the lake front…need we go on?! 

Lake  Como Italy

And this is the best time to visit, as some areas are closed (bars, restaurants and shops) from November to February.

Think sleeping is overrated?

Then head to Iceland, where the midnight sun is literally that – the sun still shines at midnight!

The driving is easy, restaurants and museums are open, the country is green and lush and the highland roads open in in July, so you’ll be able to travel across the country and visit remote locations that are inaccessible during winter.

And don’t forget to travel to the coast to see the puffins, they leave in August!


…the only catch with these locales is that you’ll have to contend with the summer prices and crowds.

So remember (if you needed any more justification) some places are seasonal, so the shops, bars, restaurants and attractions are closed or have limited services during the winter. And also, these cold climate countries tend to have festivals and events to make the most of the warm weather, so why not seize the season and enjoy!

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