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Places to Soothe Post-Break-Up Blues

Travel not only broadens the mind, it mends the heart after a break-up.

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Travel not only broadens the mind, it mends the heart after a break-up. Here are some suggested post-break-up destinations from the Huffington Post:

If your ex dumped you, show them up with a visit to Cali, Colombia. A dance class in this capital of Salsa will have you sizzling again, in sultry quick-time.

If you dumped your ex, take that "I can do anything" attitude on a hike in the Peruvian Andes. At the top of the Santa Cruz Trek, 15,000 rugged feet above sea level, you have proved you really can.

If the break-up was mutual, go off the grid. Literally. On Lasqueti Island, just east of Vancouver Island, there is no electricity. No Facebook. No texts from friends. Just paddle-skis, your B&B and maybe a farmer's market.

If your romance withered, spark your heart up again with an 80-kilometre-per-hour zoom down the world's longest over-water zip-wire at stunning Labadee, Haiti.

If they cheated on you, cheat on your own routine with time out at Sugar Beach Spa in St Lucia, the Caribbean. Get a massage in your glamorous tree-house, hike the volcano, and soak away the hurt in a bubbling mud pool.

You may feel better before you even get on the plane.

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