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Top Geek Travel Destinations

Channel your inner Geek and plan travel adventures around the sets and experiences of your favourite geeky experiences.

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As geek culture becomes ever more prevalent, helped along by shows such as The Big Bang Theory, more fans are beginning to plan travel adventures around the sets and experiences of their favourite geeky experiences. Brien Posey compiled his own list of the best places in the world for geek-centred fun:


San Diego, California is the home of Comic-Con and it is a must visit for geeks and nerds alike. For those not in the know, imagine Halloween with adults who are very passionate about their costumes and you may get an idea of how Comic-Con feels.

Islands of Adventure

Comic book fans simply must visit Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Florida. As well as costumed superheroes there are wonderful rollercoasters and entertainment opportunities galore.


London is the home to an endless amount of pop culture and a vast amount of films have been recorded on the streets of London. Movie fans can have a great time identifying all of the different sets around the city.


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