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What Makes San Francisco Such a Cool City

San Francisco is the home of revolution.

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San Francisco is the home of revolution. The city saw thousands arrive during the Gold Rush, hippies professing their love of summer in the sixties and tech heads launching start up after start up during the dot-com boom. No matter the revolution, it's likely to start in San Francisco.

According to Luxury Travel magazine, you feel this wherever you go in San Francisco. It has an edge to it that allows you to feel free with no judgement and the fun-loving attitude of the locals makes you feel adventurous and alive.

San Francisco is a charming city, full of steep hills that curve and wind, picturesque Victorian facades and stunning bay views. Mountains stand proudly behind the city and the Golden Gate bridge is a sight to behold. It's a city so unique that you can't help but get butterflies as you explore all the city has to offer.

Food lovers will be in seventh heaven upon arriving in San Francisco, with more restaurants per capita than any other city in the country. The Ferry Plaza farmer's market will take your breath away.

For those wanting to explore the shopping, San Francisco offers a multitude of boutique shops filled with one-off pieces and funky wares. Larger department stores are available, but are kept in one location to make way for the locally-owned businesses. (Another trait you have to love about the city.)

As for the sights, simply hop on a tram or take a cable car along the Powell-Hyde Line.

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