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Aussies Spend Up Big Overseas

The average Australian will spend $3,962 while they are on holiday overseas.

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Australians are ranked as the second highest spenders when travelling overseas, according to new data from Visa's latest Global Travel Intentions Study. Aussies are ranked second to only Saudi Arabians on the list of international big spenders.

The average Australian will spend $3,962 while they are on holiday abroad, which is second to only Saudi Arabians who weigh in with a $6,414 spend on average. The Chinese are third on the list with an average spend of $3,679.

VisitBritain has also revealed that Aussies are the nation’s best visiting spenders because of their spending sprees at high-end stores like Selfridges and Harrods. Australians spent an amazing $1.5 billion in the UK in the last year alone and most of this was invested into clothing.

Australians are known to search for good value for money when they shop, but the high value of the Aussie dollar at present has meant that travelling further afield for sightseeing and shopping sprees has been possible. A large part of the reason for this high level of spending is a current trend of travelling to distant locations like the UK and USA.



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