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Good-Looking Patrons Score Best Seats

Those less good looking were given tables away from the main thoroughfare.

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Former wait staff at two prominent Paris restaurants blew the whistle by divulging to a French news source that patrons were seated at tables according to their good looks and attire.

Those less good looking were given tables away from the main thoroughfare.

The revelations were reported by wait staff at Le Georges, an upmarket restaurant in the Pompidou Centre, and Cafe Marley, which is situated in a prime position within the Louvre museum.

Waitresses at Le Georges revealed they were instructed to seat patrons according to their "good looks", giving them prime positions in the front of the restaurant.

Those deemed not so attractive would be relegated to the back out of plain sight.

At Cafe Marley, which has an outdoor seating area, wait staff declared the terrace an ugly-free zone.

Telephone reservations were simply told an outside table could not be guaranteed.

When the customers arrived, staff would seat them according to their sexy appearance and good looks, reserving top tables for those blessed with such good features.

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