The Best Travel Photography Apps

The Best Travel Photography Apps

Any Smartphone owner possesses a compact camera that they can carry in their pocket.

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Any Smartphone owner possesses a compact camera that they can carry in their pocket - and if taking a bulky DSLR with a million different lenses and a hefty price tag on your round-the-world adventure just isn’t your thing, it makes sense to find out if your phone is up to the task.

For many of the newer models, the built-in camera is a powerful tool that rivals even dedicated point-and-shoot cameras. Just make sure you have cover in your travel insurance for electronics in case your phone is unexpectedly lost, stolen or damaged.


So what’s the best way to document your trip with a bit of extra flair?

There’s an app for everything these days, and you can enhance your snaps easily with a few taps of the screen.


Instagram a clear favourite for its simplicity and ease of use.

It has stacks of gorgeous filter options to dramatically enhance your photos, giving them a hipster-inspired graphical boost, and allows you to quickly and easily share your images via social media.

What’s more, you can always keep a copy of the original untouched photo safe on your phone.

It’s a great way to document and share your travels visually.

Free for Android and iOS.



Snapseed is a great partner for Instagram, offering users the ability to edit their photographs and apply more sophisticated effects with ease.

Unlike the forced preset modes of Instagram, Snapseed gives you the option of choosing how you alter and apply saturation, sharpness, colour and contrast to your pictures.

It also lets you crop photos into square shapes, so you can easily combine Snapseed and Instagram effects for incredible pictures.

Free on Android and iOS.

Another fantastic option to combine with Instagram is Diptic, which lets you combine multiple shots into a single image in a variety of different arrangements.

You can put this to plenty of creative use in terms of how you frame and present your photos, and it means you won’t be spamming any friends and family on social media with hundreds of individual images.

US$0.99 on Android and iOS.




Pro HDR is highly recommended to transform difficult-to-capture scenery into spectacular images. 

Are you always ending up with washed-out skies or dark and murky foregrounds?

Pro HDR gives you the effects of high dynamic range on your phone by taking two photographs at different exposures, then combining these for full effect.

You won’t have to battle with areas that are too light or too dark to capture, however you will need to find a way to keep your phone relatively still.

US$1.99 on Android or US$0.99 on iOS.

Whatever app (or apps) you choose, remember to sit back and take in the sights of your travels outside of the viewfinder.

You don’t want your memories of all those stunning landscapes to be purely viewed through a phone screen.

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