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The Weirdest Travel Requests Ever

Travel agents recently reported on the weirdest requests they receive from picky customers.

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Travel agents recently reported on the weirdest requests they receive from picky customers:

  • A female traveller requested a hotel room with nothing green. Staff removed all green soft furnishings. Fortunately, the fittings weren't green.
  • A male client wanted a casino hotel that had slot machines in the toilets. The law states that cameras must cover all slot machines, and cameras are not permitted in bathrooms. He missed out.
  • A solo customer on a Kimberley cruise wanted to share with a stranger, but on certain conditions: that they not snore, not flirt, and that they be tested for HIV. Oh, and for nail fungus.
  • An airline passenger wanted every passenger on her Sydney-Los Angeles flight tested for peanuts. She feared an allergic reaction. Her travel agent convinced her to drive to the Gold Coast instead.
  • A bandanna'd 60-year-old man with a footwear fetish wanted to know how many pairs of shoes he could take with him.
  • A mother enquired about sending her unaccompanied child to Montevideo. How old was the child, asked the travel agent. Five months, came the reply.

And the nicest weird request? A customer asked his agent to drive his Mercedes SL500 for eight weeks and take it in for service. The dutiful agent accepted.

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