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Three Things You'll Learn Travelling the World

For many, travelling the world is a life-changing event.

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For many, travelling the world is a life-changing event and for the Huffington Post's Clayton B. Cornell, taking a year out to explore was the best decision he ever made.

Cornell's trip was not all about sightseeing, it was merely about being somewhere different.

It was about discovering how he handled situations when nothing made sense, he couldn't speak the language and he had no place to stay.

It was personal development via a backpack.

For anyone contemplating a trip overseas, Cornell's advice is to just do it. Walk out of that door and hop on a plane.

You can learn so much:

1. The world is a friendly place

Most people are proud to show off their country and go out of their way to offer you a memorable experience. Cornell learnt not to listen to other people's judgements and to ignore certain stereotypes.

2. Most places are safe

In 365 days on the road, the only bad thing to happen to Cornell was that his mobile was stolen from his pocket. Not bad when you consider he spent a full year with complete strangers and was often alone.

3. Travelling is no more expensive than rent and food back home

By the time you pay your bills, your rent, your shopping and meet your friends for drinks once a week, travelling can come off as less expensive - and that includes splurges such as scuba diving!

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