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All You Need for a Beach Holiday

All you really need for a beach holiday, short or long, are these few items

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All you really need for a beach holiday, short or long, are these few items, according to blogger Emily Weiss:

  • swimmers
  • cut-off shorts
  • top
  • sandals
  • sunglasses
  • underwear

and lots of sunscreen! Maybe a kaftan, too, if the situation calls for a little dressing up.

On a recent four-day Caribbean getaway, Weiss chose a decade-old bikini from Brazil, a men's Levi's Vintage T-shirt, a leather belt, and last summer's shorts.

She put the most effort into sourcing her sandals. A fan of the anklet-with-silver-bells look, she ended up honing in on a pair of sandals that were like foot-jewellery.

Cosmetics should be minimal, she warned. Just toothbrush and toothpaste, baby soap, one moisturiser for face and another for body. You won't be masking and peeling, so don't pretend you will.

You might want a razor and shaving cream for your legs, she mused. But then again, you might not. That depends on your company.

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