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Five Top Tips for Staying Healthy Overseas

Staying safe and healthy is an important part of any trip away

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Staying safe and healthy is an important part of any trip away, and according to NSW Health, there are steps you can take that will make this easier:

1. Research your destination

Before you book any holiday abroad, be sure to check out, a site that offers up to date information on health overseas. Run by the Australian Government, the website will warn you of any countries currently deemed unsafe.

2. Visit your doctor

Check with your GP six to eight weeks before you travel to see if any boosters or vaccinations are recommended. If malaria is present in the country you are visiting, it may be wise to start taking anti-malaria medicines a few weeks before you go.

3. Pack lots of insect repellent

If mosquitoes are a problem, protect yourself by wearing light-coloured clothing that covers your limbs and regularly apply insect repellent that contains Diethyltoluamide (DEET).

4. Drink bottled water when unsure

If you don't know how safe the water is to drink, drink bottled water only and wash raw food such as salad and fruit with bottled water. Also take care not to get water in your mouth when swimming.

5. Avoid getting friendly with the animals

Stay away from any animals that may be carriers of rabies or other infectious diseases. If scratched or bitten, wash the would immediately with soap and water and seek medical help.

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