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Have Phone, Will Travel - Tips for Taking Phones Overseas

So you and your phone are joined at the hip?

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So you and your phone are joined at the hip? When travelling with your phone, check out these tips from to avoid bill shock on getting home:

  • Buy a phone you can unlock. A locked phone is 'married' to a specific carrier and will not accept a SIM card from a rival network. With an unlocked phone, you can buy a SIM card at your destination to make local calls and data access.
  • Turn OFF data roaming before your aircraft lifts into the air! Those roaming charges rapidly send your bill skyrocketing.
  • Turn off settings like 'check for new emails automatically' on your device. It can use a lot more data than you realise.
  • If you're worried your phone is connecting to a local network against your will, set it in flight mode. When at a free wi-fi hotspot, you can manually switch on a connection.
  • Do you need to call at all? Apps like Skype allow you to communicate for nothing but the cost of the wi-fi.

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