Where To Go Locally!

You don't need to go overseas for an amazing holiday!

Where To Go Locally!

If you don’t go overseas, there are plenty of things to do at home - whether locally or in another state. 

Here are a few things to pique your interest! You can also read our tips for a more budget friendly Australian road trip or find Australian destinations to travel to!


Willandra Lakes

You can walk, cycle or drive around the Willandra Lakes World Heritage area located in the Mungo National Park Region.

There have been significant archaeological finds like the Mungo Man (world’s oldest human cremation), Mungo woman (also cremated), and human footprints dating back 20,000 years.

You can also marvel at the magnificent scenery created by erosion and climate changes since the last ice age.




Royal Easter Show (March - April)

The City and Country merge for this annual event, which attracts up to 900, 000 people each year.

There is plenty to do for everyone, from livestock, horticulture, art and woodchop competitions, to opportunities to cuddle up to some animals, to exhibitions and of course there are the show bags to collect!



Opera on Sydney Harbour (March – April)

It takes 2 cranes and 10 barges to create a 40-tonne stage on 16 pylons on the harbour - experience the magic of Opera on Sydney Harbour – the music, the singing, and the costumes all in tune with the stars above!



 Orange F.O.O.D week (April)

Food Of Orange District week features all the fresh local produce of the area.

Originally an apple growing area (they have an Apple Festival in May), the area now offers everything from artisan bread, to honey and turkey and ham.

Sample all things local in this 10 day event, from night markets to cooking demonstrations to food tours and of course, fine wines.




 Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton gardens

Designed for the Great International Exhibition of 1880 in Melbourne, the Royal Exhibition Building and surrounding Carlton Gardens is the only intact and still in use, major 19th Century international exhibition building in the world, and hence is included in the National Heritage List.

The building is a round-arched architectural style which combines elements from the Byzantine, Romanesque, Lombardic and Italian Renaissance buildings.


The gardens in which it sits in, is in 19th century Gardenesque style - a formal and ornamental palace garden. A wonderful place to visit for both its historic value, its beauty and architecture.


Stawell Gift (March or April - Easter Weekend)

One of the world’s most famous footraces, the Australia Post Stawell Gift is in its 133rd year and is held every Easter in the gold-mining town of Stawell.

Thousands of runners from around Australia and the world participate in various races held on a grass track at Central Park vying for the $40 000 first prize.

The event even attracts bookmakers, and culminates in the finale of the 12 second 120 m Stawell Gift, which is televised live on Channel Ten.



Sand Sculpting – Frankston (December – April)

Sand sculptors from around the world, 3500 tonnes of sand, a “Story Land” theme, sand workshops, sand tours and workshops, Lego Zone, giant sand pit, sand art and sand bottle activities…all things sand!




Daintree Rainforest

It’s no wonder the 135 million year old Daintree Rainforest is World Heritage Listed (and is actually adjacent to the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef), it contains 30% of Australia’s frog, marsupial and reptile species, 65% of Australia’s bat and butterfly species and 20% of Australia’s bird species!

In fact, it contains the highest number of plant and animal species that are rare, or threatened with extinction, anywhere in the world.


You can hike, check out the scenic lookouts, camp, swim and picnic in this wildlife sanctuary.


Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and is World Heritage Listed.

It offers long white beaches, coloured sand cliffs, over 100 freshwater lakes, and rainforests which grow on sand - the only ones in the world to do so.

You can take a four wheel drive over the sand dunes, take a joy flight to the beach, bushwalk through the rain forest, swim in the lakes, spot whales and other wildlife and hear stories of the Aboriginal dreamtime here.



Surfer’s Paradise Festival 

And after being “at one” with nature and the wildlife, why not do something different and join in the action at the Surfer’s Paradise Festival.

The festival starts out with a street party, moves to national and international concert performances, then the food event “Surf, Seafood and Symphony” happens.

Next is the street entertainment championships, which feature clowns, mimes, jugglers and dancers, then there is a fireworks challenge and finally the One Way street party filled with live bands, vintage fashions and an outdoor film festival!

PS You might need another holiday after all that!





World Heritage Listed Kakadu National Park is Australia’s biggest national park, and boasts having one of the world’s highest concentration of Aboriginal rock art.

The park contains a quarter of all Australian freshwater fish species, and over one third of Australian bird species. You can enjoy bushwalks, a river cruise, four wheel drive tours to waterfalls and gorges, or scenic flights to take in the full beauty of the area, or even go fishing.

And if you visit in April, you’ll be able to see blossoming paperbarks and billabongs with waterbirds.



Tenant Creek

Here, you can do some camping or four wheel driving in the bush, pan for gold, explore a mine the Battery Hill Mining Centre, visit an 1872 Telegraph Station built to link Australia to the world, ogle at the Devil’s Marbles (giant granite boulders formed by millions of years of erosion), learn about the culture of the Warumungu, the traditional owners of the land and then just cap it all off with a swim in a waterhole!


Alice Springs Cup Carnival (April - May)

The carnival is held at the Alice Springs Turf Club, in the foothills of the McDonnell Ranges.

There is something for everyone - apart from the racing, there is Family day complete with a new playground and jumping castle, Girl’s day for some retail therapy, Ladies day to showcase that retail therapy and a Young Gun’s day with live DJs, bands and celebrity MCs.




The Ningaloo Coast

Ningaloo Marine Park encompasses the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef (Australia’s largest fringing reef), and is easy to access – all you have to do is step off the beach and you’re there!

April is a good time to see whalesharks, which are known to be the biggest fish in the world.


You can snorkel, swim and dive with the manta rays, rare turtles, migrating humpback whales, dolphin pods and tropical fish; go kayaking or surfing; and if that wasn’t enough, you can go four wheel driving to see red rock canyons and gorges.


Staircase to the Moon

When the weather, sunset, moonrise and tides all align, head to Broome to see the Staircase to the Moon – the rising of the full moon reflects off the exposed mudflats at low tide, and creates an optical illusion of stairs that reach up to the moon!

When the “staircase” happens, a local market is held at Town Beach, featuring the local fare, crafts and entertainment.



Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area

Almost a fifth of the total area of Tasmania is World Heritage listed, and stretches from the coastlines to the forests, the Alpine landscapes through to the indigenous plants, animals and archaeological sites.

Some of the sites are within an easy driving distance from Hobart, so you would be hard pressed to not be able to find anything to see or do here!



Tasmanian World Heritage Convict Sites

Five of the eleven Australian “World Heritage Convict” sites can be found in Tasmania, and provide a very fascinating and sometimes shocking insight into the convict system.

These include the Port Arthur Historic site – an 1830’s penal settlement; Coal Mines Historic Site; The Cascades Female Factory, a female convict reformation institution; Darlington Probation Station,  Maria Island; and Brickendon and Woolmers Estates – private farms that used convicts for agricultural jobs.


Mural Fest (April)

It’s a mural competition! They have themes each year like “Island Life” in 2014, held in the Tasmanian town of Sheffield “Town of Murals”.

The event involves 9 artists from around the world, who have a paint off which lasts the whole week.

The best mural wins the artist $12, 500, and $1000 goes to the mural with the most visitor and supporter votes.

All the murals remain on display at Mural Park until the following year’s paint off.




Kangaroo Island FEASTival (April) 

This is a 5 day foodie celebration featuring the best of Kangaroo Island – its location, its history, its produce, beverages and of course – itself!

You can hang out at their FEAST KI – Big Day Out with lots of entertainment, markets stalls and cooking competitions; eat a meal in the home of a local; join in the “Pop-Up & Wilderness Events” (one-off dining experiences only available at that time of year) all around the island, and participate in “Meet the Maker” events.



Tasting Australia, Adelaide (April - May)

Held every 2 years, 2014’s Tasting Australia festival theme is “Origins and the recognition of a sense of place”, through the food that we eat. The event offers the opportunity for everyone to eat and drink in the city and beyond, through cooking demonstrations and classes, tasting sessions (some in cellars!), art exhibitions, wine tastings, farmers market tours, and even foraging in the paddocks!



Australia Running Festival (April)

If exercise is your thing, be it walking, pram pushing, running or jogging, head to the Australia Running Festival.

This year, there will be new one-lap courses, and if you would like to, you can choose to run for a charity.



Don’t forget that there are ANZAC Day services in all states, and markets to be browsed too!


Note: We at Fast Cover Travel Insurance do our very best research to make sure that the dates we provide are correct. However, we recommend that you do confirm these events before you travel.


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