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All of Australia including Lord Howe Island, Thursday Island, Christmas Island, Cocos Island and Norfolk Island

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Bali, Indonesia, New Zealand & South Pacific. (Choose Worldwide for Hawaii)

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All Asian countries except Japan. (Choose Worldwide for Japan)

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All European countries
(including Turkey) and the Russian Federation.

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All countries including North & South America (including Hawaii), Japan, Middle East, Africa & Antarctica.

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Cover for an unlimited number of trips over a 12 month period*.
Available to travellers 59 and under.

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Travel Insurance made simple

Buying travel insurance shouldn’t be complicated, so we’ve made it Fast and Simple.

Fast & Simple Quote
To give you an instant quote as fast as we can, we only ask you the questions we absolutely need to know. Your quote is displayed instantly on screen and you can then buy, edit or email your quote. Of course, you can always get a quote just as fast over the phone.
Fast & Simple Purchase
Our quick online buying process is one of the simplest and fastest you’ll find. Simply provide the information required and we’ll issue your travel insurance policy within minutes, so you can get back to booking the rest of your trip.
No Medical Assessments
It’s simpler and faster to buy travel insurance without having to complete a lengthy medical assessment, which is why we automaticaly cover 44 Pre-Existing Medical Conditions 10*
A Simple PDS. Hooray!
We’ve designed our PDS so it can be as simple to read as possible. We have a section called 'General Exclusions applicable to all sections' that applies to all sections. And then each policy benefit has a big and bold X WE WILL NOT PAY section so you can find what isn’t covered under your policy.
Fast Help
When you need us most, we're available 24/7 on our Emergency Help Line. It's simple, whenever and wherever you are in the world, if you need us, call us. We're here to help you!'
Simple Online Claims
Lodging a claim online can be simpler, faster and more convenient. This is why we allow you to lodge your claim online. You can also lodge a claim by post, email, phone or fax, whichever is simpler for you.

Award Winning Travel Insurance

2015 Best Value Comprehensive Cover
2015 Best Value Seniors Comprehensive Cover

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With Fast Cover, you can travel confidently knowing you've got cover* and can enjoy every minute of your holiday instead of worrying about what to do if something goes wrong.

Wherever you’re travelling and whenever you need us, our Global Assistance Team are ready and waiting to help.

When you need us most, wherever you are in the world, our expert assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. *

Uncapped medical & hospital cover. 3 *

The earlier you buy travel insurance, the earlier we can provide cover for money you’ve spent on hotels, flights or tours in the event of unexpected sickness, injury, family emergencies or natural disasters. *

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You can buy your travel insurance from Fast Cover with confidence and get right back to planning your trip!

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Buy with confidence! You can cancel your insurance for any reason within 14 days after you are issued with your policy and get a full refund. 1 *

Travel with confidence knowing your travel insurance policy is underwritten by Allianz.

Travel with confidence knowing our Emergency Medical Assistance is uncapped. 4 *

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Travel Alerts

Before you purchase your policy and before you travel, read the latest travel alerts that may effect your travel.

Travel Guides

We’ve put together a series of country and city guides to help you with your travel plans.

Travel Suitcase

Be inspired and come along for the ride as we bring you the world before your experience it for yourself.

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*See Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions and exclusions and limits that apply. 1 The premium paid is refunded within 14 days after you are issued your Certificate of Insurance provided you have not started your Journey and you do not want to make a claim or to exercise any other right under the policy. 3 Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses. 5 The cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits begins from the time the policy is issued. 10 Provided you have not been hospitalised (including any day surgery or emergency department attendance) for the condition in the 24 months prior to the time of policy issue.

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