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Cruise Travel Insurance

Wanting to go on a cruise with family and friends? Take out cruise travel insurance to cover you and your loved ones!

Travel Insurance for people for Cruises


If you're planning a cruise holiday, you'll need a specialised cruise travel insurance policy to cover you for your time onboard the ship as well as any shore excursions.

Australians have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a cruise company. Cruise lines like P&O, Princess, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Captain Cook, to name a few, are some of Australia’s favourites and they'll generally suggest you buy travel insurance when you book your cruise. The price of travel insurance for P&O, Princess, Carnival, or Captain Cook cruise can vary greatly. This is because of commissions paid or overheads. The best thing you can do is research the best cruise travel insurance and then compare prices – this could save you hundreds of dollars!

Wherever you choose to cruise, travel insurance is an essential purchase before you embark. Fast Cover has made it fast and simple to find and purchase the right travel insurance policy for your cruise.

Once you have your cruise travel insurance sorted, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your floating holiday knowing you have cover if anything unexpected happens.

Why do you need to buy Cruise travel insurance?

Did you know that you may not be eligible for Medicare once your cruise leaves port, even if you’re still in Australian waters?

Or that if you unexpectedly get sick and have to cancel your trip, you could lose any deposits you’ve already paid?

Our cruise policies provide you with a simple way to protect yourself and your hard-earned money, both before you leave home and during your cruise.

Some of the main reasons travellers should consider a specialist cruise travel insurance policy include:

  • Medicare benefits are no longer eligible once your ship leaves port, unless there’s an Australian Medicare-registered doctor on board.
  • Medical costs on board any type of cruise ship can be exorbitant.
  • A medical emergency could see you repatriated to Australia at even greater expense.
  • Your belongings could be lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Your cruise could be cancelled altogether due to weather, an infectious illness or other reason.
  • You could get unexpectedly injured or ill before your cruise and not be able to go, losing any money you’ve paid in advance.

Whether you’re an experienced cruise-goer or about to embark on your first sea voyage, get an instant quote online or talk to us to find the right policy for your cruise holiday

What does Cruise travel insurance include?

If you’re combining a tour or side trip on land with your cruise, don’t worry, our specialist cruise travel insurance can cover that part of your trip too!

Fast Cover's specialist cruise travel insurance includes:

Emergency medical and hospital expenses:

Be covered for unexpected illness or injuries on your holiday.

Medical evacuation and repatriation expenses:

In case of an emergency, such as illness or injury, you can be covered for the flight home.

Cover for your luggage and personal belongings:

Ensure your valuable belongings are protected while you travel.

Cover for your onboard activities and shore excursions:

Cover for a huge list of sports and activities are automatically included. Thrill-seekers can also choose to add on the Adventure Pack to cover an extra list of adrenaline-pumping activities as well.

24 hour emergency assistance:

Practical help when you need it most. Experienced medical advisors are just a phone call away with 24 hour Emergency Assistance included in all our cruise travel insurance policies.

Optional extras:

We’ve built policies that include all the benefits we think you'll need on your cruise. If you need additional cover for High Value Items or specific activities, you can add these extras to tailor your travel insurance policy until it's right for your holiday.

See the benefit tables below to compare the different levels of cover that are available for cruising:



Why choose Fast Cover for your next cruise holiday?

Fast Cover provides specialised policies for cruise passengers no matter where you're cruising to or how long your cruise may be.

From the mega 100+ day worldwide cruises, to short escapes in the Pacific Islands, or a river cruise down the Nile or Danube.

All of our cruise policies include unlimited access to an experienced Emergency Assistance team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you run into trouble or need advice while on your cruise, help is just a phone call away from anywhere in the world.

We've also made things even faster and easier by automatically covering a set list of 43 Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, so you don't need to worry about filling out a questionnaire about your medical history when taking out travel insurance.

Example Incidents~

Claire's Cruise Catastrophe

Claire, a 72-year-old from Sydney needed over $190,000 AUD worth of medical assistance after she fell from her bed during a cruise around South America and injured her neck and back. Claire’s travel insurance policy cost around $700 for the two-month-long cruise, and provided cover for emergency medical evacuation from the cruise ship as well as the extensive medical and hospital expenses she needed.


Carol’s Cancellation Costs

Carol and Vincent, a couple in their seventies from Brisbane, bought a travel insurance policy for less than $800 to provide cover for their dream worldwide cruise. A few days before they set off, Carol fell over in her garden and broke her ankle. They had to cancel their trip. Fortunately, because they had organised travel insurance at the same time as the cruise, they were reimbursed with more than $20,000 AUD for their lost deposits.

Traveller Testimonials

My worst dream came true

We have used Fast Cover on several overseas trips but we were quite unprepared for a shock cancer diagnosis after paying in full for a 104 day World Cruise. As you can imagine this was a significant claim, and yet Fast Cover settled the claim in full after only two courteous contacts from helpful staff. We would recommend Fast Cover to anyone, especially those considering expensive cruises.

Wazz –


Great claims

We took out travel insurance for a trip to Singapore and cruise back to Fremantle. On the ship I was taken ill and had to see the doctor on board which was rather expensive. On returning home we made a claim which was handled very well.

John –



First time I have ever set out a policy online I found it very easy to set up. I am now looking forward to the cruise and am very glad I found Fast Cover Insurance.

Maria –


~Traveller details have been changed to protect their privacy. Claims examples are from Fast Cover travel insurance customers from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2016.

↟Based on 18 day Basics Cruise policy to Pacific region for a single traveller 50 years old or younger with $200 excess.

Things you need to know

* See Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions and exclusions and limits that apply. For travellers aged 80 and over, additional terms and conditions, limits and excesses apply.

^ For travellers aged 80 - 89, additional terms and conditions apply.

# Available with our Comprehensive policies only.

** No cover is provided for pregnancy, childbirth or related complications unless it is a single, uncomplicated pregnancy up to and including 23 weeks. In any event we will not pay medical expenses for regular antenatal care, childbirth at any gestation or care of the newborn child. Complications mean any secondary diagnosis occurring prior to, during the course of, concurrent with, or as a result of the pregnancy, which may adversely affect the pregnancy outcome.

+ Statistics based on 'Travel by Australians' quarterly report for June 2013, 'Tourism Industry Facts & Figures at a Glance' September 2012, Cruise Industry Source Market Report: Australia 2013 and Fast Cover Customers.

2 5% saving is based on the cost of a Duo policy versus the cost of two single policies. Excess reduction discount based on excess reduction cost under a Duo policy versus cost under two single policies. Duo policies do not provide cover for any dependent children.

3 Children or dependants under 21 years old and not in full time employment covered for free when travelling with an insured adult. Excludes Duo policies.

4 Price based on an 18 day Basics policy to Pacific region for Single traveller aged 50 years old or younger with $200 excess.

5 Additional terms and conditions, limits and excesses apply to travellers aged 80-89.

6 Must be accompanied by a professional instructor or guide.