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Cruise Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for cruising provides cover for unexpected emergencies whether you’re on-board the ship or taking a shore excursion. Find out all you need to know about travel insurance for cruises below or call us on 1300 409 322 to get a cruise quote.
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What is cruise insurance?

Cruise travel insurance provides you with cover in case of emergencies on-board the cruise ship as well as on any shore excursions.

Whether you’re taking a cruise from Australia to the USA or the other way round, planning to enjoy a cruise trip around Asia, or simply taking an around Australia cruise, accidents and other unforeseen events like losing your luggage can happen. And that’s why you should consider travel insurance for cruises. With the right cruise insurance policy you can ensure you have cover for unexpected medical, hospital, evacuation and repatriation expenses.

All of our cruise policies include unlimited access to an experienced Emergency Assistance team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. If you run into trouble or need advice while on your cruise holiday, help is just a phone call away from anywhere in the world.

We’ve also made things even faster and simpler by covering a set list of 43 Pre-existing medical conditions, so you don’t need to worry about filling out a questionnaire about your medical history when taking out travel insurance for your cruise trip.

5 Things you need to know about our travel insurance for cruising

  1. Just cruising in Australian waters? You’ll still need an international cruise travel insurance policy to cover you for unexpected on-board medical expenses.
  2. Travel insurance policies for cruising provides cover whether you’re on-board the cruise ship or while you’re travelling on land.
  3. Your pre-existing medical condition may be covered under your cruise travel insurance policy.
  4. Cruise travel insurance includes cover for evacuation or repatriation in medical emergencies.
  5. Cancellation cover can be included with your travel insurance for cruising and can protect the deposits that you’ve already paid for your cruise holiday.
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Why should I buy domestic cruise travel insurance?

Many Australian travellers mistakenly believe that they’re automatically covered by Medicare if they’re just going to be travelling in Australian waters.

You won’t be able to use your Medicare card on your cruise unless there’s a Medicare registered doctor on-board the cruise ship, which is unlikely, as most of the cruise lines are American owned.

So if you get sick or injured on the cruise ship and seek medical attention, you’ll be charged at private rates. That’s why when you go on a cruise, even one in domestic Australian waters, you’ll find that cruise travel insurance can offer medical cover, including the cost of emergency repatriation should you need to be flown from the cruise ship by helicopter.

Going on a small ship cruise in Australia, including a cruise around the Kimberley, the Great Barrier Reef or Tasmania? Your small ship cruise travel insurance can cover the cost to evacuate you from your remote location, to a point where the ambulance or Royal Flying Doctor Service can pick you up.

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What can I be covered for on my cruise holiday?

Fast Cover’s specialist cruise insurance can provide you with cover for:

In case of an emergency, such as sickness or injury, you may be covered for the flight home or to get to the nearest hospital.

Protect the deposits you’ve already paid, like the cruise itself, onshore excursions, accommodation and flights, if you’re not able to travel due to an unexpected emergency.

Ensure your belongings are protected while you travel.

Cover for a list of sports and activities are included. Thrill seekers can also choose to add on the Adventure Pack to cover an extra list of adrenaline-pumping activities.

Practical help when you need it most. Experienced medical advisors are just a phone call away, with 24 hour Emergency Assistance included in all our cruise travel insurance policies.

Your booked transport to get to your cruise trip is delayed or cancelled? You’ll have cover to get to your cruise on time.

Cover for additional costs like food and accommodation that you incur if your scheduled transport is delayed for more than 6 hours.

Optional Extras

We’ve built policies that includes the benefits you may need on your cruise trip. However, we also know that every cruise holiday is different, so that’s why we offer optional add-ons that allow you to tailor your travel insurance policy to suit the type of cruise trip that you’re taking.

These optional extras include:

Cruises aren’t all about the facilities and entertainment available on-board, there are also off-shore excursions like water skiing, scuba diving to 30m and kayaking to level V. Check out the activities we cover for, and what you need to take out the Adventure Pack for.

For those wanting to ride or be a passenger on a motorcycle, moped or scooter. Make sure you have the relevant licences for the country that you’re riding in.

You can add on cover for the rental vehicle insurance excess in your rental vehicle insurance with your car hire company. This may save you from having to pay a large amount of money to reduce the excess.

If you would like to cover your valuable items for more than what they’re currently covered for, you can specify the item and we won’t apply depreciation to it.

We hope you don’t have to make a claim! However, if you do, an excess for every claim you make will apply. You can reduce the Standard excess on your policy to $100 or $0.

Can I get cover for pre-existing medical conditions on a cruise?

We provide cover for 43 pre-existing medical conditions. It’s important to always check the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to ensure your medical conditions are covered.

Even if you have a pre-existing medical condition that isn’t covered, you will still have cover for new, unexpected medical conditions which may arise during your cruise holiday.

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Do I need river cruise travel insurance?

You’ll need cruise travel insurance if you’re going to be cruising on the sea or ocean.

You may not require a travel insurance policy for cruising if you’re going on a:

  • River cruise trip along the river such as the Danube or Seine.
  • Small day cruise on a bay, such as Halong Bay in Vietnam
  • Island hopping on a small boat
  • Cruise ship for only a few short hours in the afternoon
  • Short one hour ferry ride to an island

So if you’re doing the above, you do not need to take out a cruise travel insurance policy.

Check our Product Disclosure Statement to get the full details of cruise cover and check to see if it applies to your trip.

Am I covered for the time I spend on land during my cruise trip?

If you’re combining a land tour or side trip with your cruise, our specialist cruise travel insurance can provide cover for that part of your trip too! For example, if you go on a cruise trip, take an on-shore excursion and then take a 3 day train journey, we can cover you with the one cruise travel insurance policy.

And if you’re taking multiple cruise holidays, you may have the option of purchasing a Frequent Traveller Saver travel insurance policy. This policy automatically includes cover for cruises and you can go on as many cruise trips as you like within a 12 month period.

Can I buy cruise travel insurance?

Whatever type of traveller you are, our cruise travel insurance can provide you with a simple way to protect yourself and your hard-earned money, both before you leave home and during your cruise trip.

Be prepared and make sure you’re covered for medical emergencies – it can happen on-board and even when you’re on land visiting a port.

Anyone in the family may get sick before or during the cruise, and no matter how well you plan the trip, accidents do happen.

Whether you’re travelling with your whole family or a group of friends, cover yourselves in case anyone of you becomes sick or injured.

If one of you can’t travel due to unexpected illness, you’ll both be able to claim for cancellation costs if the other traveller doesn’t want to travel alone.

Travelling alone? Have a cruise travel insurance policy for peace of mind and backup.

The unexpected may happen in the months before you leave for your trip - our cruise travel insurance policies may provide cover for the deposits that you’ve already paid.

Protect your investment in this cruise holiday and make sure that if you’re not able to travel due to unexpected injury or sickness, you’re able to claim for the expenses.

You’re not covered by Medicare once you board the ship, unless there’s a Medicare registered doctor on board.

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Cruise travel insurance for seniors

Whether you take a long cruise around the world on the Queen Mary, tick an Alaskan cruise off your bucket list or just taking a short cruise with the grandchildren to the Pacific Islands, we know that the unexpected can happen, so that’s why we offer seniors cruise insurance for your peace of mind.

Cruise travel insurance for over 80s

We know you can still be fit to travel right through your 80’s, so that’s why our cruise travel insurance policies can cover you for cruise trips right up until you’re 89!

What is the best cruise travel insurance for seniors?

The best cruise travel insurance is a policy that’s able to cover you for the type of cruise holiday that you’re taking. When looking for a travel insurance policy for your cruise trip, think about what you’re going to be doing and what you want to be covered for: have you paid for your cruise in advance and need cancellation cover in case you can’t take the cruise trip due to an unexpected illness or injury? Are you bringing your new camera and concerned that it will be stolen? Will you need to take a flight to get to or back from your cruise, and want to be covered in case a natural disaster delays your travel?

These considerations should be taken into account when looking for the best travel insurance policy for your cruise, so you know that you’re covered before and during your cruise trip.

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When should I buy a cruise travel insurance policy?

You can purchase cruise travel insurance up to the day you leave port. However, if you do this, you might be missing out on the benefit of cancellation cover.

The cancellation benefit provides cover for the deposits made towards your cruise holiday, including the deposit you would have to pay in advance for your cruise, any shore excursions, flights or accommodation.

If you purchase travel insurance for cruising with cancellation cover, you may be able to claim for your lost deposits if you, your travelling companion, or a relative gets unexpectedly sick or injured before your trip and you can no longer travel.

You can purchase cruise travel insurance with cancellation cover up to 12 months before your cruise departure date. Consider purchasing travel insurance for cruising as soon as you’ve paid your deposits just in case you have to unexpectedly cancel.

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Compare cruise travel insurance

While most travel insurance companies may provide cover for your cruise trip, the benefits that they offer will usually differ.

Do your research and compare the prices for a cruise travel insurance policy, and make sure you also check what the policy includes and what it excludes, to find the best value travel insurance policy for your type of cruise trip.

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Compare cruises

Australians have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a cruise company. Cruises like P&O, Princess, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Captain Cook, to name a few, are some of Australia’s favourites and they all vary in price and offerings.

They’ll also generally suggest you buy travel insurance when you book your cruise. Just like the cost of the cruises, the price of travel insurance for these companies can vary greatly due to commissions paid or overheads. So the best thing you can do is research and compare the different cruise travel insurance policies suitable for your type of cruise holiday.

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Cheap travel insurance for cruises

When you’re looking at buying travel insurance for cruising, the cheapest travel insurance policy may not always be the best cruise policy for your type of trip.

You should also look at what the cruise policy can cover you for, what you want to be covered for and the cover limits. Are you concerned about cover for your pre-existing medical conditions? Do you need luggage cover up to $15 000, $5000 or none at all? How about cancellation cover?

So even if you’re looking for a cheap travel insurance policy for cruising, make sure you compare cruise travel insurance policies not just on whether the policy is cheap, but also whether it provides the insurance cover for your type of cruise holiday.

Read our article which give you tips on 20 ways to save money on your travel insurance.

Australian cruise travel insurance

We’re a wholly Australian owned company. When you call our enquiries, sales or claims teams, you’re calling an Australian number, and you’ll be speaking to experienced local staff who love to help!

Whether you’re an experienced cruise-goer or about to embark on your first cruise trip, get an instant quote online or talk to us to find the right policy for your cruise holiday on 1300 409 322.

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Cruise travel insurance FAQs

The cost of a cruise travel insurance policy depends on the type of cruise trip that you will be taking.

There are many considerations in the cost of travel insurance for cruising, including:

  •        The number of travellers
  •        The ages of the travellers
  •        Where the cruise is going to
  •        The duration of the whole trip
  •        The other types of activities that you may be planning to do: riding a motorcycle, moped or scooter, adventure sports, whether you’ll be hiring a rental vehicle or bringing your bike with you.
  •        If you would like to reduce your Standard excess or increase the cover for your valuable items.
  •        The type of policy you choose for your trip

To find out how much it would cost for a travel insurance policy for your cruise holiday, get a quote and see what you can be covered for.

Unless there’s a Medicare registered doctor on-board the cruise ship, you won’t be able to use your Medicare card if you have to see the doctor. As most cruise ships are owned by American companies, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use your Medicare card, which means you’ll be charged for the service.

While cruise ships have on-board medical facilities, they may not be equipped to deal with serious medical situations. If this happens, you may need to be evacuated off the ship and taken to a hospital back on land. That’s where a cruise travel insurance policy may prove invaluable.

Read more about cruising holidays:

Travel insurance for cruising is different to a holiday where you’re flying, taking the train or bus to your destination, simply because you’re on the sea or ocean! If a serious emergency occurs, the ship’s medical facilities may not be equipped to treat you adequately, and you may need to be evacuated off the ship and taken to a hospital on land.

That’s why you should make sure that your travel insurance policy covers you for cruising. And that’s also why a cruise travel insurance policy may cost a little more, as it doesn’t just cover you for medical treatment: a travel insurance policy for cruising also provides you with cover for evacuation off the ship to an overseas hospital, or repatriation back to Australia for treatment.

Read more about cruising holidays:

Our policies provide you with the flexibility to add cover for your cruise trip when you need it, so you’re not paying for something you don’t need. When considering a travel insurance policy for cruising, always make sure to check if you’ve got cover for your cruise holiday.

If you are a frequent traveller and aged 64 and under, a Frequent Traveller Saver policy automatically provides you with cover for cruise holidays.

Read more about cruising holidays:

Yes you can! If you’re taking a straight forward overseas cruise holiday or you’re not concerned about cancellation expenses or losing your luggage, Fast Cover can offer a Basics travel insurance policy which provides you with medical, evacuation and repatriation cover.

If your cruise trip involves you paying a large deposit a few months in advance of your cruise trip, flights, on-shore excursions or a land tour, you may consider looking into our Comprehensive or Standard Saver policies, which can provide you with additional benefits including cover in case you need to unexpectedly cancel your trip due to illness, your luggage being stolen, or your flights being delayed due to severe weather.

Read more about cruising holidays:

If you’re feeling unwell or you are injured, seek help from the staff on-board the cruise ship.

Travel insurance for cruising may provide cover for medical emergencies you experience while on-board a cruise. As soon as possible, get in contact with the Emergency assistance team and let them know what’s going on. They’ll be able to advise you on what you need to do, and coordinate an emergency medical evacuation if required.

If you need to see a doctor on-board, you’ll most likely have to pay the consultation fee and for any medications or treatment that you require upfront. Make sure you get copies of all invoices and medical reports, and you can then make a claim with us to be reimbursed for these costs.

For large medical expenses, which may happen if you have to be medically evacuated from the cruise ship or you are hospitalised, Fast Cover may arrange for the provision of any written guarantees for payment. 

Read more about cruising holidays:

We know that your plans may change during your holiday. If you don’t have a cruise travel insurance policy, and you decide to go on a cruise – it’s not too late to be covered for your cruise trip! Get in contact with us to add cruise cover to your policy, jump on that cruise and enjoy the high seas!

As with all types of insurance, you can’t be covered for every situation that occurs. Some things that we can’t cover you for while you’re on your cruise holiday include:

  • Missed ports: Sometimes it happens – bad weather may prevent your cruise ship from being able to dock at a port. While there is no cover on your cruise travel insurance policy for missing a port, you can put a claim in for any shore excursions that you’ve already paid for at that destination.
  • Cabin confinement: Unfortunately, if you’re confined to your cabin because there’s a viral outbreak on-board your cruise ship, there’s no cover for you not being able to enjoy everything that the cruise ship has to offer. If you do unexpectedly contract a virus, however, and need to see the doctor, you can put in a claim for the medical expenses you incur.
  • Unsupervised belongings: You must take care to reasonably protect and secure your luggage and personal effects at all times. Make sure that you have your belongings with you, or keep them locked up in your cabin. The level of care required is relative to the value of the itself. If you take a dip in the pool, leave your phone on a banana lounge, and someone takes it, it would be considered to have been left unsupervised. There is no cover on your cruise policy for unsupervised items.
Read more about crusing holidays:
Things you need to know

* See Product Disclosure Statement and the COVID-19 Pack Document for full terms and conditions and exclusions and limits that apply. For travellers aged 80 and over, additional terms and conditions, limits and excesses apply.