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Travel Insurance coupons, discounts, deals and offers for Fast Cover

There’s only one thing that makes buying a Fast Cover travel insurance policy better and that’s when you can save a bit of money on your insurance so you have more to spend on your holiday. 

By using a Fast Cover coupon, you get the same great policy and service from Fast Cover, but you’ll pay less than the normal price. 

What are coupon codes?

Coupon codes generally consist of a combination of letters and numbers which customers can enter into ‘Promotional’ or ‘Voucher’ or ‘Promo’ code box on the check-out page of an online shopping website to obtain a discount or offer on their purchase. This may include a percentage off, dollar amount off, free shipping or a gift with the purchase.


What travel insurance coupon codes are currently valid?

We’re committed to giving travellers awesome deals on travel insurance so they can get great cover at competitive prices.

The below codes and offers are currently valid. Select a coupon below that suits you best for your trip. Then copy the code and then click on the button to complete a quote for your trip.

Feel free to share these coupons with your family, friends or online forums or deal websites so your fellow travellers can take advantage of them.

Travel Insurance Discount 

Copy this Coupon Code

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 5% OFF Travel Insurance^


Click for 5% OFF

 $5.00 OFF Travel Insurance excess^^


Click for $5.00 OFF Excess


 20% OFF travel Insurance  excess and add-on packs


Click for 20% OFF excess & add-on packs


How to enter a Fast Cover travel insurance coupon code

  1. Copy the coupon code
  2. Click on the website link where you found the coupon
  3. Get a quote
  4. Press ‘Select’ on the policy you wish to purchase
  5. Press ‘Continue’
  6. Enter your personal details
  7. Enter your credit card details
  8. Paste the coupon code into the ‘Discount Voucher’ box below the ‘Declaration’
  9. Click ‘Apply Code’. The Total at the bottom of the page will now change
  10. Click ‘Buy this policy’


Where do I find coupon codes for travel insurance?

Coupon codes are mostly published on coupon or community websites such as Oz Bargain, Finder or Coupns. You can find discounts and offers for travel insurance but also for other parts of your holiday such as flights, accommodation and rental cars.


How do I save on Travel Insurance?

One of the best ways to save with Fast Cover is to sign up for the Fast Cover Mates Rates above and you’ll receive a regular email with all the latest discounts and promotions.

For a complete list of ways to save on travel insurance, read our 20 insiders tips on how to save on travel insurance.


Example of possible savings by booking a duo policy

If two mates (let’s call them Jono 24 and Jax 25) were planning to travel together for a four week Europe holiday, flying to London for 4 nights, then doing a Contiki tour for 17 days before heading to the Greek Islands for 1 week to relax before flying back to Sydney.

As they would be travelling together for 75% or more of the time, they could purchase their Europe travel insurance together on a duo policy and reduce the excess to $0. This would mean they would save 5% off the price and receive a 50% reduction on the price of reducing the excess compared to purchasing single polices.

Jax could also apply a 5% coupon if he found one online that applies to the chosen plan and enter it into the ‘Voucher Code’ box on the checkout page and they could receive a further 5% off the price. 

Jono and Jax would be pretty happy about the savings and could put them towards doing something exciting like a grade 3 white water rafting trip in Austria on their Contiki trip.

Spending some time doing some research by searching the internet can be well worth your effort. You could find travel insurance coupons or discounts which could save yourself some money, which we’re sure you’d much rather spend on your holiday.


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^5% discount applies to standard premiums for all plans. Discount available 01/03/17 - 31/12/17. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. ^^$5 discount applies to standard premiums for all plans. Discount available 01/03/17 - 31/12/17. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. △Off the cost of reducing $200 Standard Excess to $100 or $0 on Plans A, B, C, E, M or S (there is always a $0 excess applicable to Plan D) and off the additional premiums payable when you choose to purchase rental vehicle insurance excess, extra cover for specific luggage & personal effects and add on packs. Discount only available when following this link and purchasing a policy online or when calling Fast Cover and mentioning this offer. Discount available 01/03/17 - 31/12/17. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Australia's most
popular destination
is NZ +

60% of overseas travel was for a holiday +

2/3 of overseas spending was for holiday +

*See Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions and exclusions and limits that apply. ^ For travellers aged 80 and over, additional terms and conditions apply. #Available with our Comprehensive policies only. **No cover is provided for pregnancy, childbirth or related complications unless it is a single, uncomplicated pregnancy up to and including 23 weeks. In any event we will not pay medical expenses for regular antenatal care, childbirth at any gestation or care of the newborn child. Complications mean any secondary diagnosis occurring prior to, during the course of, concurrent with, or as a result of the pregnancy, which may adversely affect the pregnancy outcome.

+Statistics based on 'Travel by Australians' quarterly report for June 2013, 'Tourism Industry Facts & Figures at a Glance' September 2012, Cruise Industry Source Market Report: Australia 2013 and Fast Cover Customers

1The premium paid is refunded within 14 days after you are issued your Certificate of Insurance provided you have not started your Journey and you do not want to make a claim or to exercise any other right under the policy. 3Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses. 4Emergency Medical Assistance. 5The cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits begins from the time the policy is issued. 6Buy a Duo policy and save 5% versus the cost of two single policies. Excess reduction discount is based on the cost of excess reduction under a Duo policy versus the cost under two single policies. Duo policies do not provide cover for any dependant children. 7Your children or grandchildren not in full time employment who are under the age of 21 and travelling with you on the Journey are included at no extra charge. 8Spouse (or legally recognised de facto) and Dependants covered for free when accompanying primary policyholder. 9Based on a 0-59 year old travelling to the Pacific region for 4 weeks, Plan E Standard with an excess of $200. 10Provided you have not been hospitalised (including any day surgery or emergency department attendance) for the condition in the 24 months prior to the time of policy issue.

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