Rental Vehicle Excess Travel Insurance

If you are hiring a rental vehicle on your travels, taking out cover for rental vehicle insurance excess will cover the excess portion of your rental car insurance if you damage the rented car in an accident.*

Rental Vehicle Excess Travel Insurance

What is Rental Vehicle Excess?

Rental Vehicle Excess is a benefit that covers you for the excess you would need to pay to a rental car company if you are in an accident. This excess can sometimes be reduced by the rental company for an additional premium. For an added premium you can be covered for the rental vehicle excess of your hired vehicle.

In the context of travel insurance Rental vehicle means a sedan, hatchback or station wagon, four-wheel drive or mini bus/people mover, or a campervan/motorhome that does not exceed 4.5 tonnes, rented from a licensed motor vehicle rental company.

What is the benefit limits for Rental Vehicle Excess?

Whether you are hiring a small Toyota Yaris, the classic 4-wheel drive, a nifty sportscar, people mover minivan or the good ole’ Winnebago (campervan), there are two options for you to choose from that can cover most rental vehicle requirements. 

  • $5000 for rental vehicle excess
  • $8000 for rental vehicle excess

What does the Rental Vehicle Excess cover you for?

Rental Vehicle Excess includes the cost of repairing the vehicle, whichever is the lesser, if a rental vehicle you have rented from a licensed rental company during your trip is involved in a motor vehicle accident while you are driving, or is damaged or stolen while your custody.

You will need to provide a copy of the repair account or the quote.

Who should purchase Rental Vehicle Excess?

Rental Vehicle Excess is a benefit that all travellers can take out provided you have you have provision to rent a vehicle with your nominated rental company and a license that allows you to drive the car choice on your rental agreement.

What type of policy covers Rental Vehicle Excess?

You can purchase the rental vehicle excess option for an additional premium on the Comprehensive, Standard, Snow Sports Plus, and The Frequent Travellers Savers policy.  Rental Vehicle Excess is automatically included on the Domestic Plus Policy at the value of $7500 AUD.

Not everything is covered under the Rental Vehicle Excess benefit. What we won’t pay for is:

  • The damage or theft of your rental vehicle if…
    • The rental vehicle is operated by a person who is not listed on the contract for the rental vehicle agreement
    • You are operating a vehicle while under the effect of alcohol or any other drug in a way that is against the law of the place you are in
    • You were operating a rental vehicle without a licence for the purpose that you were using it or the vehicle does not match the definition of the rental vehicle in the policy definition.

Additional Information on the Rental Vehicle Excess:

  • Keep in mind that you can’t claim for personal liability while in a Motor Vehicle as it is a General Exclusion.
  • Make sure that all drivers of the rental vehicle are listed on the policy for coverage in the event of an accident.
  • Leased cars are not covered under the Rental Vehicle Excess.
  • Motorbikes and Scooters are not covered under the Rental Vehicle Excess.
  • You can claim on your rental vehicle excess benefit as many times as you like up to the cover limit you have specified on your policy

Please note that this benefit DOES NOT replace the Rental Vehicle insurance that you need to take out with your rental vehicle company. This only covers the EXCESS component of that insurance up to your nominated amount.

*Any information provided is general only. All benefits subject to terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Always read the relevant PDS to ensure the product is right for you.


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