Unusual travel experiences

These experiences might just give you a new perspective on travel, maybe even life… and a story to tell.

Unusual travel experiences

So you’ve been there and done that, congratulations. You’ve gone where most have gone and some places others haven't. At Fast Cover, we hear a lot of interesting and off-the-beaten-track places and experiences, maybe it's time for you to think a little differently for your next adventure.

Unusual means a lot of different things to different people. For us, it’s all about the experience. Seeing new wonders is great, but to feel your experience can be next level and create memories that last a lifetime.


Do you have an unusual travel story? We'd love to hear it, you can tell your travel story here.

Rwanda (Gorillas in your mist)

Ever wanted to step into a world preserved in time? Then look no further than Africa’s majestic gorilla tracking experience at Volcanoes National Park Rwanda. You may find yourself in the presence of the past, starting in the eyes of what many believe is the evolution of the human existence. This will definitely change how you feel about man and the wild. 

When to go: December to January & June to September

Ideal length: 6 – 9 nights

Flight time: 40+ hours (including 3 stopovers)

Japan (The art of solitude)

Does the ancient art of ninja practices get you going? If you grew up watching Asian stars like Jackie Chan, Jet Li or seen Karate Kid then you would know what a ninja warrior is. Have you ever wanted to know and learn the way of The Ninja? Your journey will start from the rolling hills of Osaka to the majestic doors of the Iga Ninja school, Akame.

Enter a world exposing the ancient Japanese way of solitude. In this space you will learn the strength in silence and the power in respite. Japanese ninja’s have always held wonder in western folklore; images of eyes peeking through black material and subtle design mixed with practicality. The ninja’s job is to strategize, infiltrate, thwart and yes, sometimes even kill.

Follow this path and your Ninjutsu will take you through a place of discovery and peace.

Visiting there:

Iga Ninja school, Akame (email: ninja@akame48taki.com; 00 81 595 64 2695). The ninja experience costs Y1,700 (£10) per person for a 90-minute training session.

Iga Ninja Museum, 117 Ueno Marunouchi, Iga, Mie  Prefecture (00 81 595 23 0311;  iganinja.jp/en). Entry Y700 (£4).

When to go: all year round

Ideal length: 7 days

Flight time: 10 hours (give or take 30 minutes)

Mongolia (Learn from the land) 

Ever dreamed about being a nomad? To roam from land to land, having the dirt under your feet and the stars above your head. Your journey will begin in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. In this neck of the woods you will learn the ancient art of Eagle Hunting, spanning back 900 years from tribes like The Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Mongol, where birds of prey were the gold eagle. This challenging sport, a testament to the old ways and the new, takes three to four years to learn.

As the legend says, whilst a man trains the eagle, the eagle trains the man. On this type of trip you will learn the definition of what it means to live off the land and how these communities sustain themselves. 

When to go: October to March

Ideal length: 5 – 7 nights

Flight time: 17 – 22 hours


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