The onus is on you as the insured

To ensure your claim is processed in a timely manner, it’s your responsibility to be truthful and that you provide all the required documentation to back up your claim.

The onus is on you as the insured

Taking responsibility of your Travel Insurance cover 

Taking out Travel Insurance is the same as taking out other insurance policies such as home and contents, car insurance or life insurance. You purchase a premium based on the level of cover you want for your policy and for the items you wish to insure. This policy is a legal document stating that you are confirming and adhering to the terms and conditions of the policy.

It is up to the policy-holder to make sure they are fully aware of the Inclusions and Exclusions to the policy that can be found in the PDS. When taking out insurance with Fast Cover, policyholders are required to disclose to any information that they are reasonably expected to know, and relevant information which may be significant to us in deciding whether to provide cover.  

Pre-existing medical conditions

We don’t ask for a medical check before taking out a policy with us. We cover a list of 43 pre-existing medical conditions and it is your responsibility to check these details before purchasing a policy with Fast Cover. If your pre-existing medical condition is not on the list, it is just not covered.*

How claims are processed

Provided that you are forthright with all the information needed to process the claim, the claims team will be able to assess your claim promptly and accurately.

Documents needed to support your claim:

When putting in a claim, there are a few steps needed to process this swiftly for you. Having the following documents ready will make your claim processed smoothly:

  • Medical reports and medical certificate completed by your doctor
  • Invoices and purchase receipts
  • Police reports and written statements
  • Any other supporting documentation such as photographs of your items
You must remember: The onus is on you

 When you enter a travel insurance policy with Fast Cover, there is an onus on you to comply with your Your Duty to take reasonable care not to make a Misrepresentation.

If you fail to comply to Your Duty to take reasonable care not to make a Misrepresentation, Fast Cover is entitled to reduce our liability under the contract. If the non-disclosure is fraudulent, then we may have the option of voiding the contract. If your claim or policy is found to be fraudulent, Fast Cover may also exercise its right to void the policy and cancel it. **

What you must tell us:

You have a legal duty to tell us everything you know in answering questions we ask you that are relevant to your policy. You are expected to provide information that a reasonable person in your circumstances would include in answering the questions.

Put simply, be open, honest and volunteer relevant information to the questions we ask when you apply for your travel insurance with Fast Cover.

If you have not complied with Your Duty to take reasonable care not to make a Misrepresentation, Fast Cover may:

  • Reject your claim
  • Reduce the amount we pay on your claim
  • Void your policy and cancel it.

* Any information provided is general only. All benefits subject to terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Always read the relevant PDS to ensure the product is right for you.


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