Where to Buy Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is one of the most important parts of your holiday, and it’s something a lot of travellers leave until the last minute.

Where to Buy Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is one of the most important parts of your holiday, and it’s something a lot of travellers leave until the last minute.

If you’re smart, you’ll organise to get your insurance well ahead of time to make sure those last few weeks (or days!) before you depart on your trip are as well-organised and stress-free as possible. That's one of the many travel hacks you can put into action to make travelling simpler and easier!

But where is the best place to buy travel insurance?

1) Online

Online is by far the best, easiest and most convenient way to purchase your travel insurance direct from your insurer. It’s as easy as going to their website and completing the online signup process.

This way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and what’s included in your insurance package. Fast Cover’s online sign up process is simple and speedy, allowing you to get a quote in seconds and clearly see what’s included in your policy before you commit.

You can also visit travel insurance comparison websites to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your needs.

2) Travel agent

When you go to a travel agent to plan and book other aspects of your trip, they will probably offer you travel insurance as well. While this can seem like a convenient and relatively hassle-free way to sign up to whatever insurance is offered to you, be aware that the agent has probably partnered with a particular travel insurance company and could receive a commission for any sales made. 

You could be missing out on a more affordable insurance package - and one that is more tailored to your needs - by simply taking whatever your travel agent offers you.

3) Complimentary travel insurance

If you’ve got a credit card, especially one with more perks and rewards, you may be eligible for complimentary travel insurance provided by your credit card company.

This can often be claimed if you use that card to book flight tickets or other travel-related expenses. However, these travel insurance packages are aimed at the mass population and may not cover you for pre-existing medical conditions or particular activities you may want to experience on your trip.

Be very wary of the policy offered by your credit card - it may not be right for you!

The most important part of finding the best travel insurance policy for your needs is to ensure that you’ve read the fine print and know that you’re fully covered, no matter what you plan to do on your holiday.

Organising your insurance online is the best way to make sure your cover not only meets your personal needs, but is affordable and the best value for your budget.


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