Bali Survivor Board Game

Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay out of trouble!

Bali Survivor Board Game

The rules of Bali Survivor are simple:

Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay out of trouble!


Researching an overseas holiday destination is a smart move, but it’s easy to feel daunted by the thousands of endless travel tip lists and lengthy articles cluttering up the web!

There’s no reason why planning and preparing for a safe holiday can’t be as fun as booking your Balinese beach resort, scoping the local nightlife, or checking out tour options!

That’s why Fast Cover have created this awesome Bali Survivor infographic!

Equal parts entertaining and educational, it’s packed with practical tips to help you to stay safe, stay healthy and stay out of trouble on your holiday in Bali.

Prepared and frequent travellers will cruise around the board with ease, making smart decisions like enjoying a day swimming between the flags at the beach, visiting an ethical elephant sanctuary, and picking up a few essential souvenirs (Bintang singlet, anyone?) on the way home.

But risky travellers beware! Making dicey choices like eating street meat or misbehaving at the Ubud Monkey Temple will land you in hospital. Violating your tourist visa may see you deported, and if you attempt to smuggle any contraband or engage in illegal activities you could find yourself behind bars in an Indonesian jail!

Make it safely around the board you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to do (and what not to do) to have an amazing safe holiday in Bali.

Click the infographic below to view it full size:


Fast Cover Bali Survivor Board Game Infographic


All games aside, engaging in risky or illegal activities overseas can result in much more serious consequences in real life than just losing a couple of turns!

Don't forget to pack your common sense and consider purchasing holiday travel insurance to cover unexpected expenses such as:

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