Top Tips for Travelling Overseas While Pregnant

A handy visual guide for expectant Mums travelling on a babymoon.

Top Tips for Travelling Overseas While Pregnant

What is a babymoon?

babymoon is a romantic or relaxing holiday for couples to enjoy quality time alone together before the hard work and sleepless nights begin!

Not only is it time to rest and prepare for the next big phase of your lives together, but it can also be seen as the last chance for soon-to-be-parents to enjoy a romantic holiday alone together before the bub arrives.

Alternatively, some couples choose to take a babymoon holiday after the baby arrives to enjoy time together as a new family.

Check out the chart below which shows how the word usage has skyrocketed in the last few years:

Google babymoon word usage chart graph
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What do I need to know before travelling while pregnant?

However, there are a lot of health and safety questions to answer before travelling overseas if you’re pregnant.

  • Where is a safe travel destination for pregnant women?
  • What should you pack for a babymoon?
  • What stage of pregnancy is best to travel?
  • What foods are safe to eat while pregnant?
  • What do you look for in a travel insurance policy?
  • What do you talk to your doctor about?

How do I prepare for a babymoon?

There are thousands of articles online offering babymoon advice and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re trying to prepare, so Fast Cover has created this cute visual guide with tips to help pregnant women plan, prepare and enjoy their babymoon safely.

Our infographic includes finding the right travel insurance while pregnant, questions to ask your doctor, packing tips, and some ideas to help you stay comfortable while in transit on a plane or cruise ship.

There’s also simple advice on the common foods you should avoid, as well as tips to help you stay active!

Check out the infographic below and don't forget to share with friends or family preparing for their babymoon!

Fast Cover travel insurances pregnant travel infographic provides travel tips for your babymoon.

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