Fast Cover Donates to Dystonia Research

What does Dystonia, an Indian Rickshaw and Fast Cover have in common? The Rickshaw Run of course!


The Rickshaw Run is a non-race which raises money for charity, and is run by the Adventurists. At least 500 pounds needs to go to the official charity Cool Earth (for the protection of the rainforests), and the participants can then nominate who else they give to. At their own peril, participants will traverse India from Shillong Meghalaya through to Jaisalmar Rajasthan. There is no set route, no medical crew and absolutely no help…and the winners are the charities or organisations that they support.

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that causes muscles in the body to contract or spasm involuntarily. The causes of Dystonia are not fully understood, and there is currently no cure for this condition. More funding is needed to find out more about this condition and find a cure.

So, how does all this fit together?

We at Fast Cover believe it is important to not only provide a good product and service to our community, but also to support it. So with that in mind, we have sponsored a group of 3 brave young men: Glen, Julian and Andrew, who will partake in the rickshaw adventure! Andrew’s mother Lee has Dystonia, so they will be non-racing for both Cool Earth and the Brain Foundation.



The Rickshaw Run is from 5th to 21st September, so if you are in those parts, look out for the Fast Cover Rickshaw, give them a wave and we suggest you keep out of their way!

Good Luck boys!



If you can’t be there, you can follow the boys on:

Or follow their adventures on the official Rickshaw Run website:

For more information on Dystonia visit: