Choosing the Best Travel Buddy

How do you choose the best #TravelBuddy? You need to be a good match if you're going to enjoy your adventure.

Choosing the Best Travel Buddy

Travelling with your friend can be a rite of passage for a friendship to evolve. From being long-term high-school buddies, uni pals, work besties, to people who share a common interest, each person will have memories with you that can’t be duplicated. Travelling with your friends is a fun activity that is best decided on after taking into account these different types of travellers.

The Spontaneous vs The Planner

Travelling, for the most part, is a planned activity. Some trips can take up to 12 – 24 months to plan and prepare for. You will find some travellers need to book and put deposits on their trip months before, whereas some travellers can book a week before and be stress-free. Finding out which one your friend is will make preparing for the trip a breeze.

Are you The Spontaneous?

Has a rough idea of the itinerary. Can be persuaded. Never wants to be locked into a plan. Best person to be around when travel delays occur.

Are you The Planner?

To Do List’s = Sanity. Don’t bother asking whether lunch is provided – it usually is. Can’t find your phone charger? They have five different ones. Forgotten your travel insurance? Not on their watch! 

The Sleeper In vs The Early Riser

Everyone sleeps differently. Whether you are a snorer or silent sleeper, knowing which one your travel companion is (especially if you are sharing a room or even a bed) can save you many nights of grief! If you are used to sleeping in and your travel companion is not, it might be a good idea to have a discussion about sleeping patterns – if you don’t already know.

Are you The Sleeper In?

Has three alarms but snoozes all of them. Doesn’t know what time it is but is the first to crash out. Has been known to monopolize any couch for an impromptu nap.

Are you The Early Riser?

Can be last seen drinking red wine at 11pm and practicing yoga at 4am. Doesn’t need an alarm because their body is a well-oiled machine already set. First person to greet you with bacon and eggs they cooked up themselves – free range, of course.

The Messy Betty/Lenny vs The Clean Jean/Dean

When we are in our own living quarters, we can be and do whatever we want… not so much when we are travelling. Whether your travel companion is a messy or clean person could spell disaster for your trip. As both travellers may be sharing the same living space it is important that you understand how they like to unpack or to pack…

Are you The Messy Betty/Lenny?

Prefers a chair than a closet to unpack their clothes. Intertwines their items with yours, unknowingly. Can’t find their passport in a sea of papers but knows where their credit card is.

Are you The Clean Jean/Dean?

Might as well be the spokesperson for Dettol. Likes things organised, colour coded and in order of importance. Can’t stand dirty dishes in the sink. Most likely to clean when stressed.

The Chatty Patty/Barry vs Silent Susan/Sam

Have you ever been on a plane and couldn’t escape the person next to you? Or the opposite when you feel like having a bit of a chat but the person next to you doesn’t want a bar of it? There are two types of travellers; people who love to chat and talk while travelling and those who prefer self-reflection and introspection. Having a conversation with your friend(s) about which they are more likely to be while travelling can avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Are you The Chatty Patty/Barry? 

Travels with their phone, iPad and laptop and any other form of communication device. Starts every story with, “you know what…”. Always ready to recite their dissertation.

Are you The Silent Susan/Sam?

Has a journal, preferably with some quote about finding themselves through travel. Kindle lover. Has read Eat. Pray. Love or equivalent.  Prefers to take in all the sites than talk about them. Finds introspection a healthy activity and practices it thoroughly in the company of others.

The Street Food Lover vs The Restaurant Connoisseur 

Food is one of the top things people travel for. To taste what the world has to offer in cuisine can have people globe trotting around the world. As most travellers know there are many types of foodie styles –street food, from small mall stands, hotel food, cafes, and restaurants. Everyone’s palette is different so knowing which one your travel companion is can make the trip a whole’ lot more flavoursome.

Are you The Street Food Lover?

Prefers disposable cutlery and takeaway cups; also, totally comfortable not washing up. If lost can be found at the local street vendor, sampling exotic cheeses. Loves Bear Grylls.

Are you The Restaurant Connoisseur?

Always reserves a table in advance – it’s the only way. Can pronounce Coq au vin without batting an eyelid and actually know what it means. Is usually happy to pick up the bill. Is silently judging when you don’t know how to order in the local language.

The Site Seer vs The Shopper

The seven wonders of the world are a visual delight. From the Great Wall of China to the Pyramids, people travel to see sights preserved. On the other spectrum, some travellers prefer the sight of branded doors, airconditioned spaces with endless options. From West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada to Morocco Mall in Casablanca, Morocco. Knowing what type of activities your travel companion wants to do can save you from unnecessary arguments.

Are you The Site Seer?

Subscribed to ‘The Lonely Planet’. Always leaves with the appropriate footwear. Doesn’t mind waiting hours to get into the Lourve. Knows the value of a good site map. Can be your personal tour guide.

Are you The Shopper?

Is the first person to wander off at a shopping centre. Knows how to barter like no one has seen before. Can found near sale signs. The first to spot a vintage piece in a sea of trinkets. To not be mistaken for The Photo Lover.

The Photo Lover vs The ‘No Photos Please’

“I hate photos!” vs “Yes, one more picture!”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Some travellers prefer to have their eyes be the photo album, some seem to be auditioning for #instamodel of the year. On the flip side your friend might be camera shy or just simply impatient. Finding out if your travel buddy is a ‘camera queen/king’ or a ‘shy Sharon’ can make your social feed easy to plan for (or not). #nofilter

Are you The Photo Lover?

Selfie stick? Check. Portable batteries? You betcha. Additional lighting? Of course! Always knows the right pose for the scene. Can be trusted to make you look amazing in photos. Also known as your trip’s creative director.

Are you The ‘No Photos Please’?

Can usually be found behind the camera. Will tolerate one or two but fast loses patience. Is the fir


Keep in mind, regardless of which one you choose, having the lesser of the two evils will make travelling a positive experience – no matter what happens!


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