Travel Delay Cover

If your travel is delayed due to circumstances out of your control, like a natural disaster or bad weather, and you incur additional food and accommodation expenses, the Travel Delay benefit can help you to recoup some of those costs.

Travel Delay Cover

What does it mean to take out Travel Delay Cover?

If your flight is delayed for at least 6 hours, due to reasons that are outside of your control, you may have provision to claim for additional meal and accommodation expenses. These circumstances can include natural disasters and bad weather.

What is Travel Delay?

Travel delays can mean that your flight is delayed because of bad weather, possible mechanical issues or other reasons.

We will reimburse up to $2000 AUD under the Comprehensive, Snow Sports Plus, Domestic Plus and Frequent Traveller policies. This is up to $200 AUD for each adult listed on the Certificate of Insurance for the reasonable additional meals and accommodation expenses if a delay to your trip, for at least 6 hours, arises from circumstances outside your control.  

Possible reasons for Travel Delays

Travel Delay is a benefit you can claim under if your flight has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. These reasons may include:

  • Delays due to common carrier problems
  • Delay due to lost or stolen passports, travel documents or money
  • Delays due to the quarantine of your travelling companions if you unknowingly break the law
  • Delays due to hijacking if it has occurred after purchasing your Certificate of Insurance
  • Delays due to strikes, riots, civil protest if the event occurred after you have purchased the policy, unless you do not follow the advice of government or other official body’s warnings including mass media. This is subject to our General Exclusions on page 70 in our PDS.

What about the airline?

In most cases, the airline may reimburse you for the flight but please note, they are not obligated to do. In some cases, the flight carrier might have provision for travellers who are a VIP or a part of their loyalty program but you would need to check this with your aircraft carrier.

What type of policy covers Travel Delays?

The Comprehensive, Domestic, Snow Sports Plus and Frequent Travellers Savers policy cover Travel Delays for circumstances that are outside of your control. There is no cover for Travel Delays on a Standard Saver Policies or Basics Policies.

What is not a ‘Travel Delay’?

There are some scenarios where Travel Delays does not provide provision to claim. These include:

  • The financial collapse of an aircraft carrier
  • The act or threat of terrorism
  • Claiming for anyone that is not listed on the policy
  • Not taking reasonable care to avoid delays if applicable
  • If you don't have a written statement from your transport company confirming the reason for the delay.

Important information to note:

Not everything is considered a claimable event under the Travel Delay benefit. Though most insurance providers understand that anything can happen while travelling, there a few things you can do to avoid your claim being denied.

  • Assume you will be delayed and allow yourself provision for this, especially if you have to retrieve an oversized luggage.
  • If possible book all flights to your destination with the same airline carrier.
  • If you know you are likely to miss a connecting flight contact the airline carrier.
  • Don’t leave three hours or less for you to catch a connecting flight if this can be avoided.
  • Remember that some policies will be more inclined to approve your claim.


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