Three Plane Food Myths Debunked

Three Plane Food Myths Debunked

On a plane, some may fear a spot of turbulence, while others dread the stale, soggy, bland food.

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There are various tips to help you have a more comfortable flight. However, hopping on a plane can be nerve-racking. Some may fear a spot of turbulence, while others dread the stale, soggy, bland food that will soon be entering their tummies.

According to, almost every traveller has had some experience with bad food on a plane, be it soggy sandwiches, sweaty meat or lumpy mash potato, but the good news is that it doesn't have to be this way.

Celebrity chef Luke Mangan, who heads up the kitchen at Virgin Australia, says that airline food has really lifted its game in recent years and today, there is little difference between food on the ground and food in the skies.

To prove his point, he's willing to dish the dirt on what happens to food at 40,000 ft:

1. Food is made fresh in the morning and then sent into the skies, not frozen and then reheated. Of the dishes that are snap frozen, they are always consumed that day.

2. You lose about 30% of your taste sensation at high altitudes, so good food needs to have strong flavours and herbs.

3. Planes go through rigorous health and safety checks, so you have more chance of getting sick from eating food cooked in your local takeaway then you do from eating on a plane.

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