Environmentally Friendly Travel

Environmentally Friendly Travel

Here are some ways to reduce your travel footprint

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Travelling around the world for holidays and exploration is undoubtedly bad for the environment, but it is a part of life that few of us will be willing to give up. The majority of the carbon footprint that you create on a holiday is in the transport to the destination, and what we do when we’re there is rather insignificant.

Here are some ways to reduce your footprint:

Fly Economy or Budget

Flying in business class is a luxury that is harming the environment. The large amount of space that these seats take up increases the amount of fuel required to travel. Travelling economy is better for the environment and budget airlines are actually more fuel efficient in the allocation of space too.

Buy Carbon Credits

Many airlines also offer the option to buy carbon credits along with your tickets. This money is then put towards initiatives to help save the environment and can help to offset the impact that you have had.

Pack Light

The more weight on a plane the more fuel it will use, so packing light for your holiday can make a difference. By reducing the weight you will reduce your impact.

Plant a Tree

To offset some of the carbon footprint that your holiday leaves you could also plant a tree when you get home.


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