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Spotlight on Japan

From graceful geishas to robotic restaurants, the land of the rising sun will fascinate travellers with its unique blend of ultra-modern & traditional culture.

Spotlight on Japan

The land of the rising sun with its millennia of cultural history has fascinated travellers for many years. Offering stunning natural landscapes, beautiful architecture, delicious foods, and a very spiritual atmosphere, Japan is definitely a destination every one should visit at least once in their lifetime.

Make sure to pack a light rain jacket, get your travel insurance for Japan in order, and enjoy this wonderful chain of islands.

Tokyo tends to be the first stop for most international travelers – its metropolitan area is the most populous in the world with 35 million people calling it home.

The stark contrast between modern technology and Japan's old culture is often surprising to visitors, but opposites are very common in Japan. 

In Central Tokyo you’ll find the district of Chiyoda, which is where the spectacular Imperial Palace is located.

 While most of the Palace is closed to the public, you can stroll around the phenomenal East Gardens.

Japan has long intertwined its spiritual beliefs with landscaping and garden design, and these gardens are a wonderfully soothing example of that.

After strolling through the gardens and getting in touch with Japan's history, head over to Akihabara, which is affectionately known as Tokyo's 'Electric City'.

This area is home to a staggering amount of electronics stores, selling everything from the newest gizmos for iPhones to battery powered, waving cats. 

A huge contrast to the Imperial Palace! Anime and Manga fans are also in for a treat, as some of the largest anime-goods stores in Japan are also located right here.

The neighboring ward of Chuo offers yet more possibilities to go shopping with its many department stores. For the more food oriented travellers, Chuo is also home to one of the largest fish markets in Tokyo, and even if you’re not looking at buying 5 tons of tuna, this market is a spectacular site to check out. 

If you head to the ward of Shibuya, you can not only visit the world famous Meji shrine, and party like a rock star in Ebisu, you can also walk around the famous Shibuya scramble crossing, which has featured in many famous movies.

Make sure to have organized your travel insurance for Japan before you get lost in the city though.

After the bustling metropolis, head to the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, which is south of Tokyo.

 This is the home of Japan's iconic volcano, Mount Fuji.

You can either just stroll around the area, enjoy the hot springs, or if you feel up for the challenge, climb up the mountain and enjoy some stunning views.

Heading further south you will find your way to the region of Kansai, which is the ancient capital of culture and trade, and the cities of KobeOsaka and Kyoto are a joy to explore.

The original hometowns of the world famous ninjas are here, in Iga and Koka, as well as some of the oldest wooden buildings in the world, located in Horyuji.

Chugoku is the region closer to Korea, and it’s here that you’ll find the city of Hiroshima and the famous Peace Memorial.

For history buffs, head to the island of Kyushu, which is the birthplace of Japanese civilization. If you want to see something completely different, make your way to the semi-tropical island of Okinawa - famous for its beaches and diving.

This little island has its own language and customs and many Okinawans see themselves as different from mainland Japan.

The food in Japan is an absolute delight, and most travellers will be spoilt for choice. Rice and fish are the staples of Japanese cuisine, however, there are also a wide range of noodle and vegetarian dishes.


Japan is very safe for travelers, but as with all holidays, make sure you have travel insurance for Japan.

With its many wonders, unique culture, and opposites at every corner, Japan is a traveler’s dream!




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