Travel Insurance Survey

Fast Cover surveyed 1003 Australian travellers about their travel habits, behaviours and opinions.

Fast Cover commissioned Pure Profile to conduct an independent survey in December 2014 to find out more about Australian travellers. Below we have summarised the results when we asked 1003 respondents 18 questions about their travel habits, behaviours and opinions.


  • 41% of travellers say they have chosen not to buy travel insurance, or forgot to buy it!


  • 14% of travellers have an annual travel insurance policy, but 34% wait until a month out to book theirs. 


  • Travel Insurance was rated third most important booking when planning for a holiday, after flights and accommodation and before activities and a rental vehicle.


  • 1 in 5 respondents required medical assistance while travelling overseas. 


  • 13% of respondents have missed flights; 7% were required to return home early, and 7% required consular assistance.


  • 5.2% of travellers had attempted to lodge a false claim.


  • Australian travellers’ biggest fears for foreign travel included: 

- requiring medical assistance (58%)

- getting robbed (52%)

- dodgy accommodation (35%)

- drugs found in luggage (25%) 

- the foreign language (20%)


  • 86% of Australians still bring cash on holidays, though credit cards and debit cards are high on the agenda too. Only 27% choose to travel with travel cards and even less with traveller’s cheques (6%).