Travel Companions for Seniors

If you are travelling alone as a senior but are considering a travel buddy having these three points covered can help in finding the perfect partner for your adventures abroad!

Travel Companions for Seniors

Senior travellers have long known to be avid travellers. From cruise ship lovers to chateau dwellers to exotic land warriors; travellers over the age of 65 are a huge chunk of the travel segment. Whether a pensioner or a cashed-up ex CEO, seniors are travelling in groups and alone, especially if their partners have died or are no longer in the picture. Finding a travel companion for the other side of 65 is becoming increasingly popular with forum sites dedicated specifically to finding like-minded companions. There are 3 simple things to take into account when filtering your choices:

1. Serenity vs Stimulation

When we are planning a holiday, most of us know why we want to travel. Whether to see a play or famous landmark, visit family, embark on a spiritual journey, participate in a guided (or non-guided) tour, or a good ole’ cruise; people travel for many different reasons.

Before deciding on a travel partner have a discussion about the reason for you taking the trip. What do you want to experience on this trip or wish to see? Is it to meet new and exciting people or is it to bond? Understanding your travel partners motivation will ground your expectations. You don’t need to agree 100% with your travel partner but making sure you have enough common ground can add support while seeking out what you both desire from the trip.

2. Money talks 

Travelling as a group can save you hundreds of dollars on accommodation, tours and even meals. As the spectrum of travelling can span from uber cheap to ultra-luxe, knowing the type of budget your travel companion has will make the trip less awkward especially if you both have different hopes of what your experiences will look like.

Will everything be split or will you both be paying your own way? If you or your travel companion has more expensive needs than the other being upfront about your wants for the trip can save you both from unnecessary disappointments.

3. If you can, take a shorter trip first

If you have the luxury of being close friends with your travel buddy then you would already have an idea of their temperament. Are they a snorer? Require nightcaps? An early riser? Night owl? If possible, it’s a good idea to go for a mini trip with your companion, especially if you don’t know them that well.

Consider a short weekend getaway or an overnight stay at a cute bed and breakfast to test the waters with your friendship. Choosing the right travel companion can save you hundreds of dollars and prevent misunderstandings better left addressed before you leave for your trip.

Just as choosing the right destination plays a big part in the type of holiday you will have, so is choosing the right travel companion; if you want to share life changing experiences.

It's your turn!

Have you travelled with a friend? Do you have any other senior travel tips to share? What did you learn from that experience? Help our Fast Cover fam on their next trip! Join the conversation!


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