3 mistakes travellers keep making

When taking out insurance there are three mistakes you can easily avoid. Here they are...

3 mistakes travellers keep making

Australians can be seen as one of the most flexible travellers when it comes to having a good ole’ funky time… but there are some things that prevent us Aussies for being the Greatest Travellers (of all time)*! Purchasing travel insurance gives you specific benefits for different scenarios. But be warned, just because a policy looks good doesn’t mean it’s going to cover you for EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, Aussies seem to make a lot of mistakes when travelling and here are the top 3#…

 Traveller Mistake #One | Drinking too much and thinking your insurance can cover you

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The cold, hard truth is that many Aussies are going overseas and drinking excessively. Especially in places like Bali where westerners seemingly lose their senses! The number of claims associated with medical costs related to drinking is more than it should be.

Dean Van Es, Fast Cover Travel Insurance CEO, says: “A general exclusion for travel insurance policies is drugs or alcohol. If you are found to have any type of illicit drugs in your system or alcohol your claim will be denied. It’s just that simple!”

Van Es also said, “Aussies that travel overseas and drink excessively are putting themselves in financially crippling situations… they should be more cautious when they are overseas. You may incur a huge fine and possible jail time.”

Traveller Mistake #Two | Purchasing the cheapest travel insurance deal

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I get it. You are on a budget, trying to save money. Totally not a bad thing. But remember when mum said… ‘if it sounds it’s too good to be true, it probably is.’ $99 dollars for a 7-night Bali retreat with massage and airport transfers? Breakfast included… hmm. A general rule of thumb is to always check the T&Cs with the accommodation and flights you’ve booked.

“Travellers should not be buying insurance based on price alone,” says Van Es, “Some policies are cheaper than others but remember to read the PDS or contact our customer service team if you have any questions. Adding motorcycle riding or upgrading to snow sports will increase your premium, but could save you tens of thousands if something happens and you’re not covered.”

Traveller Mistake #Three | thinking you have all the time in the world…

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Most people think that they can purchase insurance at any time. When you're still within Australia and you purchase a policy with cancellation benefits you are covered from your purchase date until the end of your trip.

“If you have a non-refundable flight book your travel insurance! Aussies are taking far too long to book when there is no need,” says, Van Es.

By avoiding these 3 mistakes you can potentially save money and go about your trip with less stress.  

Happy and safe travels!

*This is a generalization and not based on any real fact but a patriotic love of a land down under.


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