Top 5 Biggest Shopping Festivals In The World

Shop til you drop at the biggest and best Shopping Festivals from around the world!

Top 5 Biggest Shopping Festivals In The World

 Aussies love a bargain as much as anyone.

We’ve got our big mid-year and Boxing Day sales, and online sales like Click Frenzy, but in some countries around the world they’re so serious about shopping that they have fully-fledged Shopping Festivals!

These events can go on for days or even weeks, and it’s not just the big chain stores offering sale prices, there’s massive discounts, giveaways, competitions and entertainment that caters to all ages and shoppers from small boutiques to the massive chain stores!

So if you’re keen to bag a bargain off-shore take an empty suitcase (or two!), head to these five fantastic locations and get ready to shop til you drop!


1) The Dubai Shopping Festival

Held in the cooler months, this is one serious shopping festival that goes for around a month every year.

They not only offer discounts and sales for the millions (yes, millions!) of shoppers who flock here to do their duty-free shopping, but also provide special entertainment and activities to keep both big and little kids happy while you browse!

If you need to rest your feet or give your credit card a chance to cool down, there's no shortage of free street parades, fireworks, light shows, films, international fashion shows, cultural displays, live music concerts and brand product launches to watch.

If you're lucky, you might even bag some prizes! In 2014 they gave away $27 million USD worth of products!

Best buys: Luxury items, handicrafts, carpets, gold, jewellery, and even cars if you have the bank balance!

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2) The Great Singapore Sale

Get ready to battle the crowds for up to 70% off retail prices on local and international brands at this two-month-long nationwide sale.

The Great Singapore Sale is the most famous and biggest in Asia, complete with prize giveaways and music concerts to ease your shopping experience.

Marina Bay, Orchard Road and Paragon Mall are good places to start hunting for bargains, but there are a myriad other places to spend your cash. It’s a shopping bonanza!

Best buys: Luxury items, electronics, watches, jewellery, high-end handbags, clothes and shoes.

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3) Outlet Shopping Festival in the USA

This is a short but sweet nationwide event to promote outlet malls in the US, usually held on the Columbus Day long weekend.

If you want to maximise your shopping options, head to Pennsylvania and Florida for some serious bargains. You can save heaps on well-known American brands like Levi's and DKNY!

Best buys: Brand name clothes, sportswear and shoes.

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4) Istanbul Shopping Festival in Turkey

What's that? 90 shopping centres trading 24 hours a day for three weeks straight? Now you’re talking!

Other famous shopping destinations like the Grand Bazaar, Egyptian Spice Market and Sapphire Bazaar also get into the shopping spirit too so there’s no reason for you to come home empty-handed!

To keep the non-shopaholics happy, there are also street shows, concerts, parties, contests, fashion shows and performances. Who could argue with that?

Best buys: Spices, antiques and trinkets.

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5) Cannes Shopping Festival in France

The Cannes Film festival is in May, so why not make a proper trip out of it and attend this Shopping Festival before taking in some films?

This is one of the most glamorous shopping festivals on the planet, with world-famous designers showcasing the latest in high street fashion and haute couture.

For the very latest trends at (relatively) bargain prices, this is the place to be!

Best buys: Designer dresses, handbags and shoes.

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If the festival you want to attend has already finished for the year, don't despair, it just means you have a few extra months to save up for the next one!

In the meantime, why not check out our Budget Travel tips section and start saving?



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