Am I already overseas?

Already left the country without travel insurance? Fast Cover has a policy to cover you while you travel even if you leave Australia without any travel insurance.

Am I already overseas?

Purchasing travel insurance from Fast Cover is not restricted to when you have not yet left Australia. We offer policies to people who have already embarked on their journey and don’t have insurance for some reason. At Fast Cover, we understand that there are some circumstances that may lead you to taking a policy out once you have already left Australia. These may include:

  • Being covered by another insurance company and the policy running out
  • Having travel cover for the country you are travelling to but not for other countries
  • Not having cover for a transit country
  • Being covered by your credit card but wanting extra cover
  • Seeking cover for a specific unplanned activity like skiing for part of your trip

Getting competitively priced already overseas travel insurance is now as easy as clicking a mouse. At Fast Cover, you simply tick the appropriate answers to get an accurate quote that suits your budget.

If you are an Australian citizen, you qualify for already overseas travel insurance with us. 

All our policies are underwritten by the well-known international insurer Hollard, and everyone who takes out a travel policy with us, no matter how cheap, has the added peace of mind knowing that in the case of an overseas medical emergency, our 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance team will come to the rescue. For example, if required, the insured person will be airlifted to the nearest and safest hospital to receive the appropriate medical attention.

All sorts of travellers - backpackers, students, families, skiers and senior citizens^ qualify to purchase already overseas travel insurance from us. Just like most policies, there are some conditions and some eligibility criteria that needs to be met before a policy can be purchased. Please see below.

Can I buy travel insurance while I am overseas?

Australian residents can purchase an already overseas policy if they have left Australia or your travel insurance policy has expired.

You can purchase a Comprehensive, Standard Saver or Snow Sports plus policy, provided you meet the following criteria.

  • Been overseas less than 14 days OR
  • have been insured with another travel insurance company since you left Australia that has expired for no more than 14 days; and
  • You’re an Australian resident who normally lives in Australia, and
  • You hold a valid Australian Medicare card; and
  • You’ve got a home in Australia that you will return to; and
  • Your trip ends in Australia; and
  • You’re aged 74 years of age or less at the time of policy purchase; and
  • You advised us when purchasing the policy that you are already overseas as this will be noted on your Certificate of Insurance.

Our already overseas policies are subject to:

  • a 48-hour no-cover period applies to all benefits (there is no cover under any section of your policy for any claim that arises within the first 48 hours of purchasing your policy)
  • a $500 excess for all claims.

Please note, you cannot purchase a Basics or Frequent Traveller Saver policy if you are already overseas.

Temporary visitors (i.e. on a tourist visa) or individuals on an Australian temporary residence visa including those on a working holiday visa are not eligible to purchase this policy after departing Australia.

Is there a cooling off period for an already overseas travel insurance policy?

If you buy your policy 14 days or more before the policy ‘Depart Date’ (Listed under the ‘Policy Details’ section of your Certificate of Insurance), the cooling off period would end 14 days after you buy your policy.

If you buy your policy less than 14 days before the policy ‘Depart Date’, the cooling off period ends on the policy ‘Depart Date'.

If you need to cancel your Already Overseas policy, you should contact us before your cooling off period ends, and we will be able to cancel and refund the premium that you have paid, provided you haven’t made a claim or exercised any of your rights under the policy.

Please be aware, there is no cover under any section of the policy for any event that arises within the first 48 hours of purchasing your policy.

Can I reduce the excess on an already overseas travel insurance policy?

No, you can’t reduce the excess on policies purchased while already overseas. A fixed $500 excess applies to all claims.

Can I extend my travel insurance policy if I am 80 years of age and already overseas?

We cannot extend policies to travellers who are over the age of 80 unless your trip is extended due to a claimable event. Your policy will be extended free of charge until you are able to travel home safely and directly or for a period of up to six months – whichever occurs first. Any extension must be approved by the Emergency Assistance team. Any persons over the age of 74 is not eligible for an already overseas policy.

What exactly am I covered for on an already overseas travel insurance policy?

When you purchase one of our already overseas policy you would be covered for the same benefits as if you purchased the policy whilst in Australia, including:

Important, please read and remember

Not all situations guarantee coverage while you have already embarked on your journey. It is important to do your research to find the best level cover for your particular trip. Though Fast Cover have different policies you can choose from, not all situations are equal and not all policies will suit your situation. If in doubt, call or email us for a comprehensive breakdown of what is covered and not covered for already overseas policies.

^ Benefits subject to limits and exclusions of the insurance policy and may vary depending on policy type. Read the Product Disclosure Statement for further details




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