River cruise Travel Insurance vs Cruise Travel Insurance

River cruise Travel Insurance vs Cruise Travel Insurance

Whether you are sailing on a stylish river cruise or a popular open water cruise, knowing what you are covered for can give you added peace of mind while you sail the seas...

Going on a cruise is an enjoyable pastime for many Aussie travellers. From quietly cruising through European waters to sailing through the Caribbean, a cruise can feel like several trips in one! However, medical bills can be quite costly too! There has been an increase in Australian travellers who took cruises to the Pacific, who were hospitalized due to an illness or an accident in 2016/2017. On-board hospitalizations have more specifically, seen an increase in up to 24% in the last five years. Taking out cruise travel insurance covers you for medical expenses that may occur when travelling on the high seas.

Travel insurance for cruising and river boat cruising

If you are booking a cruise ship transportation for your trip, then there are a few things to consider. Travel insurance is available for cruising, provided you take out the appropriate policy that covers you for medical expenses, lost luggage and any delays that may occur while on board the ship.* Some policies require you to specify whether you are going on a cruise or whether you are going on a river cruise, so they are able to cover you for the medical expenses.

What do you classify as a cruise?

Cruise ship in the context of travel insurance means a commercially operated ocean-going vessel that is licensed to carry paying passengers, has on-board accommodation and trained medical staff.  Fast Cover have cover available for cruise ships, provided you specify this at the time of the policy purchase. Cruise cover can also include cover for non-cruise activities as an add-on to your land portion of the trip. Cruise cover travel insurance can offer coverage for medical expenses, transfers/evacuations and repatriation if you become sick or have to be treated by an on-board doctor including if you need to be taken to the nearest medical facility.*

When should I specify cruise cover?

If your cruise is a domestic trip within Australian, New Zealand or the Pacific regions for 1 or more nights you need to specify cruise cover when taking out a quote. If you are going on a cruise in the Worldwide, Europe or Asian regions for 4 or more nights you need to specify cruise cover when taking a quote.

What do you classify as a river cruise?

A river cruise is a cruise where you are able to see both sides of the docks when on the water. This could be a cruise on the river in Europe or a Viking river cruise. This will depend on which region you will be going to. 

But I will be going on open water on a small boat…

If you will be embarking on mini trips in a small boat within domestic waters, this does not require you to specify cruise cover when taking out a policy as they are usually close to the docks and therefore closer to medical facilities.

What if I am operating the boat myself?

If you will be operating a boat by yourself such as a charter, the cruise cover is not an option that you can apply for. You may need to take out the Adventure Pack to be covered for this activity.

Knowing what to choose when purchasing a policy

If you will be on a cruise in open sea, it might be a good option to choose cruise cover so you can have peace of mind while travelling.

*All information is subject to terms and conditions according to their Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Fast Cover PDS can be found here.


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