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New My Policy Feature

We have just launched our new My Policy page!

Need Travel Insurance?

We have just launched our new My Policy page!

Unless you prefer to talk to us, our “My Policy” page allows you to make online changes to your policy whenever you need to.

The following changes can be made to your policy through the page: 

  • Change of travel dates (before you travel)
  • Policy extensions (while you are travelling)
  • Request another copy of your certificate, or have your certificate emailed to another address.
  • Update your contact details – Phone, Address, Email
  • Correct any Name or Date of Birth errors
  • Request a posted copy of your certificate
  • Review your policy benefits
  • Download your certificate
  • Download your PDS or a Claim form
  • Request a cancellation of your policy (within 14 day cooling off period)


How to use My Policy Tools

It’s quick and simple to make changes to your policy - just follow the 3 easy steps below:

Step 1: Go to our home page and click on the “My Policy” tab



Step 2: Login to your policy 


Step 3: Make your changes 


All done! 

And if you need further assistance, just send us an email or give us a call – we’re still here for you!

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