Travel Trends for 2015

Travel Trends for 2015

Fast Cover’s Guide to what you’ll be doing on your travels in 2015

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Fast Cover’s Guide to what you’ll be doing on your travels in 2015 

Forget eating in fancy restaurants and staying in 5-star hotels or even using a selfie stick, the top travel trends predicted for 2015 paint a very different picture for travellers in the coming year.

In a world of increasing travel opportunities, here’s our list of three hot travel trends set to make waves in 2015.

The ‘Poshtel’:

Also known as the up-scale hostel or an ‘haute hostel’, ‘poshtels’ are the up-and-coming luxury hostel. No longer recognised as the run-down, bunk-bed ridden accommodation preference of students and backpackers, the poshtel combines trendy and luxury accommodation with the personality and charm a traditional hostel brings with it.  Being ‘cheap but chic’ means that the poshtel is going to be a hit with young families, business travellers and those individuals making quick trips overnight. The poshtel also brings with it a new type of traveller starting to make a breakthrough-the poshpacker. For those travelling in London we strongly recommend the Clink 78 which is a 200 year-old former court house.

The rise of wearable devices:

Already dipping their toes into a trend gaining traction fast, many hotels, airlines and travel companies have released smartwatch apps that act as room keys or allow travellers to book flights, download boarding passes and book last minute travel plans. With the Apple Watch set to take the world by storm when it goes on sale in 2015, it’s expected that the trend of wearable devices such as the Google Glass and smartwatch will go through the roof. By 2018 it’s reported that 35% of travel bookings will be made and managed online*, proving that wearable devices are a trend for all avid travellers to watch in 2015!

Peer-to-peer dining:

This takes off the b-EAT-en track to an entirely new level! Hot off the back of the success of websites such as Airbnb, peer-to-peer dining experiences allow travellers to connect with cooks who welcome them into their homes providing a home-cooked meal or cooking lessons. Designed to present an authentic dining experience to visitors, peer-to-peer dining takes the traveller to a restaurant that isn’t featured in the guidebook and allows them to experience new cuisine whilst meeting new people. A home-cooked meal, intimate surroundings, and great conversation! What’s not to love?


*World Travel Market 2014

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