Travel Alert: Cover excluded for COVID-19 except AUS/NZ with optional COVID-19 Pack or selected countries with "Do Not Travel" advice.

How to use Fast Cover Travel Insurance

Below is your fast and simple guide to travel insurance with Fast Cover. From getting a quote, finding out what you are and aren't covered for, how to change your policy, reduce your risk of something going wrong on your holiday, what to do in an emergency, how to make a claim and more.

Getting a quote

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Do I qualify for a policy?

Cover is only available if you meet our Can I buy a policy criteria which includes but is not limited to:

  • You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia.
  • You purchase your policy before you commence your trip.
  • Your trip ends in Australia.
  • You are aged 89 years and under.

Every traveller, including temporary residents of Australia or currently overseas, can check the 'Can I buy a policy' eligibility criteria here.


Taking blood thinners?

If you're taking any prescribed blood thinners, you would NOT be covered under our policies for any claim associated with, or complications that may occur from, you taking blood thinning medication. 

You can call Aussie Travel Cover˜ on 02 9998 7854 for an over the phone medical assessment and they may be able to provide a tailored Travel Insurance policy for your specific condition.

48 Hour Price Guarantee
48 hour 'Price Guarantee'

Get a travel insurance quote, email the quote to yourself and your quote price is locked in for 48 hours.

To buy a policy with the locked in price, simply click the 'Select' button in your quote email and you'll be taken back to your quote on the website to buy your policy. 

Orange cruise ship
Going on a cruise?

Say YES to 'Going on a cruise?', even in Australian Waters so you'll have cover for cruises. 

If you're going on an inland river cruise only, you can say 'No'.

Read about Cruise Travel Insurance here.

Skis and stocks
Skiing or snowboarding?

Say YES to 'Skiing or snowboarding?' & buy a Snow Sports Plus policy for cover if something happens when you go skiing or snowboarding. 

Maximum age for a policy covering snow sports is 69.

Read about Skiing & Snowboarding cover here.

Doing adventure activities?

Some adventure activities you may do on your trip are covered, such as bungee jumping or snorkelling.

You’ll need the Adventure Pack add-on (maximum age is 74) to be covered for other activities such as abseiling or scuba diving. 

Check your holiday activities here.

Am I covered?

Orange PDS
PLEASE read the PDS

The PDS is like a rule book for us and you to follow.  PLEASE don't assume you'll just be covered for everything,

PLEASE read our PDS and know what you're covered for and what you're NOT covered for.

We know the PDS is quite long, but we've included everything you have cover for, things you are not covered for, made it simple to read and made sure there's 'no fine print'.

So again, PLEASE READ THE PDS here.

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General Exclusions

You should be aware all policies come with General Exclusions that apply to all benefits, regardless of when you buy your policy, such as:

  • Your claim arises from you taking a blood-thinning prescription medication.
  • Your claim arises from an actual, likely or threat of epidemic or pandemic like COVID-19.
  • Your claim arises directly or indirectly from you, your partner, or your travelling companion using alcohol or drugs.
  • Your claim arises from any entity not providing  a service due to financial collapse.

Please view the General Exclusions stated in the PDS and be aware you do not have cover under any benefit.

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Pre-existing medical condition?

Check out the 43 Pre-existing medical conditions we cover to see if we can provide cover for you. 

If your condition is not on the list, there is no cover for any claim related to that condition.

You can still buy a policy, but there is no cover whatsoever for any conditions not on the list.

Check if your condition is on the covered list here.

Buying a policy

Buy for 2, Save 5%.

If you're travelling with another person (friend, family member, work colleague, partner etc) for 75% of the time or more, you can buy a duo policy & save yourselves 5%.

Get a quote for 2 travellers.

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14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our policies come with a 14 day cooling off full refund period, which starts from your purchase date, as long as you haven't travelled or made a claim.

The 14 day cooling off period does not apply:

  • If your Depart Date is less than 14 days from your purchase date. You have up until your departure to cancel in this case. 
  • To policy extensions.

To cancel your policy & get a full refund:

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Accepted payments

To make it simple for you, we accept:

Policy changes

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Extend your policy

If you've decided to travel longer than you originally planned, you can extend your policy by changing your Return Date subject to conditions listed in the PDS. This may attract an additional charge. 

Login to Your Policy to extend your policy.

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Change policy details

You can update your:

  • Traveller details (name & DOB)
  • Contact details (address, phone & email)

Login to 'Your Policy' to update.

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Upgrade your policy

Want to upgrade your policy to Comprehensive or Snow Sports Plus, add-on a pack such as Rental Vehicle or Adventure sports or add another traveller to your policy?

Reducing your risk of the unexpected

Visit & follow Dr's orders

6-8 weeks before you depart, especially on a longer trip, it's a good idea to visit your doctor for a check up, have tests done, get vaccinated and get prescriptions and medication for the length of your trip.

You should also get an extra 2 weeks worth in case you extend your travels or lose some of your medication.

When travelling, ensure you follow the doctor's prescription and don't miss taking your medication because of time zones or being in transit.


Orange water bottles
Eat & drink safely

At home, we don't give tap water, ice and food preparation much thought, but when you've experienced food poisoning, you certainly will. Don't let Bali Belly or food poisoning ruin your holiday:  

  • Eat at reputable, busy and recommended restaurants.
  • Drink bottled water & avoid ice.
  • Brush your teeth with bottled water.
  • Eat peelable fruits such as oranges and bananas rather than ones that would need to be washed like apples.
Orange suitcase
Keep your luggage close

Lost or stolen luggage and personal items (mobiles, wallets, sunglasses etc) are a common occurrence when travelling.

  • Always keep your bags in reach and sight at all times.
  • Avoid putting luggage in taxi boots so they can't drive off with it.
  • Make sure you check, double check and triple check you have everything (phones, handbags, jackets, passports, wallets etc) when you leave a restaurant, hotel or mode of transport.

It's a good idea to leave your expensive stuff at home and only take what you need. Do you really need a mobile, tablet, laptop, gaming console, go pro, kindle and camera?

Emergency or visiting a medical centre/hospital

Orange telephone

In an emergency situation, contact our 24/7 Emergency Assistance Team:

Going to hospital in the USA

If you need to go to a hospital in the USA, call our 24/7 Emergency Assistance hotline immediately so we can help you navigate the USA health system.

Going to a Dr/Medical Centre (i.e. not hospitalised) in the USA and the cost is over AUD$2000? Contact us immediately 24/7.

Orange ambulance
Dr, medical centre or hospital visits

Make sure you present your Medicare card & passport before you receive any treatment at Dr’s, medical centres & hospitals in these Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) countries:

Belgium, England, Finland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Slovenia, Sweden and Wales.

There may be cover for overseas Dr's visits for unexpected conditions such as fevers or a cold, but there is no cover for routine visits such as a check up or for a contraception prescription.

Make a claim

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Something claimable happens

To help us pay your claim:

  • Get a police/airline/hotel report within 24 hours of the incident
  • Collect receipts and invoices
  • Take photos
  • Make notes whilst it's fresh in your mind
White bag of money on orange
Make a claim

Did something unexpected happen to you on your trip which you can claim for as listed in the PDS under one of the benefits included on the policy you purchased?

You can make an online claim here.

Please note: The excess listed on your policy is for each claimable event and there is a medical excess for travellers 80-89 years of age. 

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Feedback & complaints

If you have any suggestions for Fast Cover or aren't satisfied with your claim, please:

Love Fast Cover

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Refer friends or family

When you buy a policy, you can give a $5 OFF travel insurance voucher to a friend. Better still, when they buy a policy, we'll give you $5 backˆ. 

Read more about the Friend Referral Program here.

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Leave a helpful review

If you've liked your experience with Fast Cover, you can leave a public review to help your fellow travellers on any of the below sites: 


Product Review

Compare Insurance


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Loyalty discount

As an existing Fast Cover traveller, we can apply a 5% Loyalty Discount° to any future Travel Insurance policy you buy.

˜Fast Cover Pty Ltd receives a commission from Aussie Travel Cover for each referred policy.

ˆ$5 discount applies to standard premiums on referred policies purchased via the shared link. Fast Cover reserves a right to terminate the campaign at anytime. If neither policy is cancelled within the 14-day Cooling Off Period, $5 will be refunded via the payment method used for the purchase of the original policy. Traveller name(s) on referred policy must be different to the original policy. Maximum refund on any credit card is the lesser amount of the value of the policy or $100. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

°Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Please note some discounts (Original Discount) may have already been applied to premiums when a product is purchased through a certain channel (for example, online). In such a case, the greater of the discount offered in this offer and the Original Discount will be applied.

Things you need to know

* See Product Disclosure Statement and the COVID-19 Pack Document for full terms and conditions and exclusions and limits that apply. For travellers aged 80 and over, additional terms and conditions, limits and excesses apply.