New Zealand Snow Travel Insurance

New Zealand is considered the premier country for skiing and snow boarding as well as scenic views and enriching culture. Getting Snow Sports cover is necessary in New Zealand to cover you for any injuries while skiing and snowboarding.

New Zealand Snow Travel Insurance

Fast Cover provides snowboarding and skiing travel insurance for travellers heading to New Zealand!

Fast Cover now has insurance to cover you for traveling to New Zealand and participating in Snow Sports. Our Snow Sports Plus travel insurance benefits include provisions for overseas medical coverage, luggage benefits, cancellation and travel delays. We cover you for activities such as:

  • Snowboarding and skiing for recreational purposes
  • Big foot skiing/snowboarding
  • Cat skiing/snowboarding only with a professional snow sport instructor or guide
  • Cross-country skiing/snowboarding only for designated cross-country ski routes
  • Back-country skiing/snowboarding only with a professional snow sport instructor or guide
  • Glacier skiing/snowboarding only with a professional snow sport instructor or guide
  • Ice hockey that is not competitive or a non-professional capacity
  • Heli-skiing/snowboarding with a professional snow sport instructor or guide, where it is provided by a commercial operator and only available to the general public
  • Ice skating
  • On ice lugeing provided by a commercial operator and only available to the general public
  • Mono skiing
  • On and off-piste skiing/snowboarding only with a professional snow sport instructor or guide
  • Snowmobiling
  • Snowshoeing
  • Tobogganing
  • Terrain park skiing and snowboarding only where it is available to the general public

With any injury on a ski slope, a fast response is what is most important. Our 24/7 Emergency Assistance team are standing by to respond in your emergency situation and will do what they deem is medically required to help you in your time of need. Without proper travel insurance, medical bills for procedures can quickly escalate into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What is covered in the Snow Sports travel insurance for New Zealand

Our Snow Sports Plus Policy covers you for medical and non-medical costs in the event of a medical emergency. These include:

  • Hired equipment
  • Equipment replacement hire
  • Prepaid expenses and snow resort closure
  • Organising a MediVac and bringing you back to Australia
  • Cover for On-Piste and Off-Piste skiing and snowboarding; provided that it is with a professional snow sports instructor or guide and it is along a marked trail even if the run is not groomed.

The obvious reason for taking out a Snow Sports Travel Insurance is to cover you for medical expenses that can occur when travelling and participating in snow related activities. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or this is your first time on the slopes, you should consider taking out travel insurance for snow sports if you want to be covered medically.

 Why take out Snow Travel Insurance for New Zealand?

Taking out travel insurance with Fast Cover while skiing and snow boarding in New Zealand is beneficial because we do more than just cover you for snow related medical expenses. Cover is also available for:

  • Cancellation Fees
  • Lost deposits
  • Emergency medical assistance and evacuations
  • Personal liability
  • Luggage and personal effects
  • Travel documents and credit cards
  • Theft of cash

There is also cover in case of permanent disability or accidental death which are things no one wants to consider when travelling. Please see the full list of policy benefits under a Snow Sports Plus Travel Insurance which can be found here.  

It is important to note that most of our insurance policies for travel do not cover Snow Sports automatically, such as skiing or snowboarding. With most insurance providers, all that is needed is to indicate that you are going on a skiing holiday, and at an additional premium, you can purchase Snow Sports cover for your New Zealand snow trip.

Do the same medical benefits apply for snow insurance and non-snow Insurance? 

Our Snow Sports Plus policy is equivalent to our Comprehensive policy but had added benefits to cover you for any snow-related injuries. Though the type of medical benefits available on our Snow Sports Plus policy is the same as our Comprehensive policy, the provision to claim for snow-related benefits and injuries are only covered under the Snow Sports Plus policy.

What about my luggage coverage under the Snow Sports Plus policy?

If it is stolen, lost or damaged, you do have provision to claim under the Snow Sports Plus policy, similar to that of a Comprehensive policy.

 How does Emergency Assistance work for Snow Sports Plus policies?

Overseas emergency medical evacuations are a benefit provided under our Snow Sports Plus policies. This benefit provides cover to evacuate in an emergency medical situation to an appropriate medical facility or back to Australia. This could be by ambulance, helicopter or air ambulance, whatever is deemed to be the best course of action by our Emergency Assistance team.

With snow sports travel insurance sorted, enjoy the mountains

Once you have sorted Snow Sports Plus policies for you, your family or your fellow travellers, you can enjoy a trip to snow-capped mountains free of worries. Nothing is more enjoyable than letting loose in powder snow, enjoying the crisp mountain sunshine and smiles all around!

Tips for safe snowboarding and skiing

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned snowboarder or skier, here are a few tips that will help to keep you safe on the slopes so that you can enjoy snowboarding trips for many years to come:

  • 1
  • Fast Tip 1#

Always wear a helmet and consider protective wrist guards as well.

Though helmet use has been increasing, they’re still only worn by 76.4% in 2017 with Australian skiers. 

  • 2
  • Fast Tip 2#

Take lessons from a professional instructor/guide.

It’s a fun way to meet fellow snowboarders and skiers, especially of you are alone. More than that though, learning from a professional and knowing how to fall correctly, can really minimise future risks and costly medical assistance.

  • 3
  • Fast Tip 3#

Know when to stop!

With any adrenaline sport such as snowboarding, we can easily overdo it because of that wonderful rush. However, it is important to know when you need a break and when to call it a day. Many injuries happen long after that point has passed, when the rider is tired and their concentration is fading.


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