7 Moped & Motorbike Staying Safe Tips

7 Moped & Motorbike Staying Safe Tips

1. Wear A Helmet

If you only do one thing, this is it. Wear a proper helmet, no exceptions!
It's also best to wear closed in shoes and appropriate motorcycle clothing.

Thongs, board shorts and a singlet don't qualify.

Helmets reduce the chance of a crash fatality by 37%

2. Know your limits

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, get off the bike. Your brain is trying to keep you safe, listen to it! The prize for bravery could be a trip to the hospital.

50% of motorcycle crashes involve riders with less than 6 months riding experience.

3. Don't Drink & Ride

Not even 1 drink. Even if you’re an experienced rider, you’re overseas in an unfamiliar environment and need to be more alert than ever.

Almost half of all fatal accidents show that alcohol was involved.

4. Do NOT ride in or after rain

Rain adds another level of difficulty. Roads become slippery, visibility decreases, other vehicles will find it harder to see you and it takes longer to stop.

5. Be visible

Always make sure the vehicles around you can clearly see you, do not assume.

  • Do not make any fast moves
  • Assume cars will merge into your lane unexpectedly and without indicating
  • Never linger next to a car or in their blindspot
  • Be visible to cars behind you
  • Watch a car's front wheel, not the driver

75% of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with another vehicle.

6. Ride defensively

You need to be actively anticipating the moves of the vehicles around you, the conditions of the road you are riding on, and any potential hazards on the edges of the road.

Motorcycle rider deaths were nearly 30 times more than drivers of other vehicles.

7. Know the rules of the country

Road rules aren't universal, they change from country to country. Nor are liability rules, if something goes wrong, even if you aren't in the wrong, you may need to pay compensation or be subject to other legal penalties in that country.





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