Off the beaten track with the Aussie Dollar…

It is no secret Aussies like to travel! With millions of us Aussie’s travelling internationally every year, there's lots of us wanting our precious Aussie holiday dollars to go as far as possible and that doesn't always mean Bali.

Off the beaten track with the Aussie Dollar…

Below we've highlighted a number of countries where your dollars might go a little further than in popular Europe and North American destinations. 


Currency: ARS (Argentine peso)

When is the best time to go: Sep-Nov & Mar-May

Best money (can buy) experience: Llao Llao Resort, Golf-Spa is the most exclusive resort in Argentine Patagonia.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a luxury hotel in the mountains of Argentina where the lake is your backyard then the Llao Llao Resort is the exclusive place for you.

Prices start from:

  • In Australian Dollars: $325AUD to $2,951AUD per night*
  • In Argentine Pesos: 10164.28 ARS to 92291.64 ARS*

Currency conversion:

  • 1 AUD = 31.2747 ARS*
  • $100 AUD = 3127.47 ARS*



Travel Price  Sydney Argentina  Conversion to ARS
Budget Hotel $149.57 $554.345 ARS $14.40 AUD
Coffee (Regular) $3.822 $22.095 ARS $0.57 AUD
Beer $7.384 $30.214 ARS $0.79 AUD


Currency: TRY (Turkish lira)

When is the best time to go: May & Sep

Best money (can buy) experience: Lake Van

If picturesque lakes are your thing when travelling then visiting Lake Van will definitely be an experience for you. As the largest body of water in Turkey and the second largest in the Middle East you will definitely be taken aback by the beauty.  

Currency conversion:

  • 1 AUD to TRY = 3.06 TRY*
  • $100 AUD = 305.53 TRY*


Travel Price Sydney  Turkey Conversion to TRY
Budget Hotel $149.57 164.005 $42.75 AUD
Regular Coffee $3.822 ₤4.867 $1.27 AUD
Beer $7.384 ₤6.926 $1.80 AUD


Currency: ZMK (Zambian Kwacha)

When is the best time to go: Nov-Apr

Best money (can buy) experience: Stay at Tongabezi Lodge before visiting the Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls.

Hailed the world’s ultimate infinity pool, this is definitely an extreme experience and not for the faint of heart. If you are game enough to live on the edge why not come close to such a wonder!

Currency conversion:

  • 1 AUD = 8.89 ZMK*
  • $100 AUD = 889.20 ZMK*

Travel Price Sydney Zambia Conversion to ZMK 
Budget Hotel $149.57 765, 218 ZK $85.82 AUD
Coffee (Regular) $3.822 12, 739 ZK $1.43 AUD
Beer $7.384 11, 725 ZK $1.31 AUD


Currency: RUB (Russian ruble)

When is the best time to go: May & Oct

Best money (can buy) experience: Sanduny Baths

Russia may not be known for its bathhouses but there is no other place like Sanduny if you are looking for luxury bathhouses and rooms. Fit for royalty, you can easily find your way there.

Currency conversion:

  • 1 AUD = 32.39 RUB*
  • $100 AUD = 3238.61 RUB*

Travel Price Sydney  Russia Conversion from RUB
Budget Hotel $149.57 2,948 руб $67.88 AUD
Coffee (Regular) $3.822 145.195 руб $3.34
Beer $7.384 124.827 руб $2.87


Currency: BRL (Brazilian real)

When is the best time to go: May-Sep

Best money (can buy) experience: Parque Lage

A tranquil park lying in the base of Floresta da Tijuca is known for its tranquil English style gardens and epic mansions. Definitely worth a visit if you are traveling to South America.

Currency conversion:

  • 1 AUD = 2.27 BRL*
  • $100 AUD = 226.53 BRL*

Travel Price Sydney Brazil Conversion to BRL
Budget Hotel  $149.57 146.198 R$  $52.16 AUD
Coffee (Regular) $3.822 4.671 R$ $1.67 AUD
Beer $7.384 8.021 R$ $2.86 AUD

South Africa

Currency: ZAR (South African rand)

When is the best time to go: Apr-May & Sep-Oct

Best money (can buy) experience: Cradle of Humankind

The cradle of humankind is located 90 minutes from Johannesburg city. As the name suggested this research and conservation space gives visitors the opportunity to learn about civilization as never before. The Cradle of Humankind is a World Heritage Site and is one of the 10 in the country. This is definitely worth visiting!

Currency conversion:

  • 1 AUD = 9.32 ZAR*
  • $100 AUD = 932.08 ZAR*

Travel Price Sydney South Africa Conversion to ZAR
Budget Hotel  $149.57 467.237 R $46.02 AUD
Coffee (Regular) $3.822 15.257 R $1.50 AUD
Beer $7.384 19.132 R $1.88 AUD


Sri Lanka

Currency: LKR (Sri Lankan rupee)

When is the best time to go: Apr & Sep – Nov

Best money (can buy) experience: Climb Sigiriya Lion Rock

This spiritual journey is a famous part of the cultural triangle. Poems inscribed on the side of the rock by 6th-century admirers visiting Sigiriya are some of the oldest examples of the written Sinhalese language. Come and view the beauty of the world’s best tourist destination of 2019 voted by The Lonely Planet.  

Currency conversion:

  • 1 AUD = 97.53 LKR*
  • $100 AUD = 9752.96 LKR*

**currency is as of 26.9.2019 2.54pm

This table was converted using: and

converted via

Travel Price Sydney Sri Lanka Conversion from LKR
Budget Hotel $149.57 13, 075  $106.46 AUD
Coffee (regular) $3.822 314.815  $2.56 AUD
Beer $7.384 344.972  $2.81 AUD


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