Personal Liability in Travel Insurance

Personal liability is cover for the compensation for the damages to property or death or bodily injury and legal expenses to defend any legal liability claims. Having Personal Liability as a benefit on your travel insurance policy may save you from potentially spending thousands or even millions of dollars on compensation or legal fees!

Personal Liability in Travel Insurance

Personal liability is the coverage for legal liability in the event of someone taking out a legal claim against you…

Personal liability covers you for claims made against you for bodily injury, death or physical loss of, or damage to, property to another person*.

With our personal liability benefit, you must not admit fault or make any offers, promises or payment, financial or otherwise, for the claim against you or incur any legal costs without our prior written approval.

How much personal liability coverage does Fast Cover have?

If we approve your claim, our Personal Liability benefits have set limits to which we can cover you for:

  • Comprehensive, Snow Sports Plus, Domestic, Frequent Traveller Savers: up to $5, 000, 000 AUD
  • Standard: up to $2, 500, 000 AUD
  • Basics: up to $1, 000, 000 AUD

What does travel insurance personal liability cover for?

Our Personal Liability travel insurance benefit covers you and anyone else named on the policy for:

  • The death and/or bodily injury of another person
  • Physical loss of or damage to property of another person – caused by an accident or series of accidents attributable to one source or one originating cause occurring during your trip
  • This also includes your legal expenses to a reasonable amount up to our benefit limit for settling, defending or acting on your behalf for the above claim made against you where the claim is covered by the policy

What does travel Insurance personal liability not cover you for?

Even though it would be great to be covered for all claims against you while travelling, this is not the case in most travel insurance policies. There are parameters to our personal liability travel insurance including:

  • Injury to your travel companion, relative, yourself or employees of either of you.
  • Damage to your OWN property; including one that you take care of or control, or care for your relative, travel companion or employees of either of you.
  • If you have in your possession or have ownership, custody or the use of a firearm or weapon, aerial device, watercraft or mechanically propelled vehicle.
  • Any conduct of a business, trade or profession.
  • Diseases that are transmitted by you.
  • Any recovery or relief other than monetary amounts up to your benefit summary or what we deem reasonable – we wish we would cover everything but we can’t!
  • The operation of a drone.
  • Any sort of assault and/or battery committed by you or at your direction – so no 'Rocky' moments!
  • Any form of contract that imposes on you a liability which you would not have otherwise had – if you are unsure of what this means give us a call!
  • Any fines, penalties resulting in aggravated, exemplary, punitive or liquidated damages including any other damage resulting in multiple compensation damages.
  • For more than what we have outlined to pay in your Benefit Summary found in our PDS.
  • Any sort of conduct that intended to cause harm, injury, property damage or liability with reckless disregard for the consequences or with your knowledge, consent or connivance.
  • Any damages or expenses and losses that are covered or should be covered under a statutory or compulsory insurance policy, statutory or compulsory insurance or compensation scheme or fund including:
    • under workers’ compensation legislation
    • an industrial award or agreement
    • accident compensation legislation

So, what does personal liability travel insurance mean for you on your trip?

Most things in travel insurance are focused on medical benefits, but there is so much more to travel insurance cover while you are on holidays. Personal liability claims are a real possibility when leaving your home and engaging in the real world!

Ask us about our personal liability cover for the unforeseen and unexpected. We can assist if there is provision to claim under the Personal Liability benefit of your policy.  

*Benefits subject to limits and exclusions of the insurance policy and may vary depending on policy type. Read the Product Disclosure Statement for further details.

John and Ann's Personal Liability claim

John* and Ann* were holidaying in Greece. On a night out for dinner, they went to a popular restaurant where they celebrated their wedding anniversary. John, in his excitement when making a toast, accidentally flung his water glass to an unsuspecting customer at the other end of the restaurant. It cut their arm, causing bleeding. 

John was served with a civil claim from the affected patron. John’s travel insurance policy covered him for personal liability which he was able to claim for under his policy.

As John was covered for Personal Liability under his Comprehensive travel insurance policy from Fast Cover, his policy provided cover for the specific claim against him for injuring the patron at the restaurant.

*Traveller names have been changed to protect their privacy.


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